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Getting a Handle on YouTube: Introducing YouTube Handles

Do you have a handle on social media? This question means more than just whether or not you grasp the concept. “Handles” are identifiers for your social media pages. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are known for handles. Recently, another social media giant jumped on board with the concept. YouTube handles are coming soon!

Remind me, what’s a handle?

When we refer to a “handle” on social media, this is basically the “@” symbol in front of the name of your page. In some cases, like on Facebook, the page name is not always the same as the handle (called a “username” on Facebook) like it is on Twitter and Instagram, for example.

Read our blog on tips for naming your social media pages for more insight.

Announcing YouTube handles

Last week, YouTube announced it would be launching handles “to make it easier for members of the community to find and connect with each other.” The notice went on to say that each YouTube user’s handle will be unique to that user, as opposed to channel names, which are not.

In addition to serving as a unique identifier, YouTube handles will also become a part of the channel URL for YouTube users.

For example, if our handle was @mcnuttpartners, our channel URL would be This is the link you would give people to find your YouTube page.

What does this mean for users?

So, why are YouTube handles a good thing for your business’ social media marketing?

Page name consistency

Now with the ability to create a custom YouTube handle, you can match your handle to those associated with your brand’s other social media pages. This is helpful for social media users looking for your business page.

Tagging and getting tagged

Users can now tag one another using the new handles in places like videos, YouTube Shorts, comments and more. This type of engagement helps enhance your brand’s visibility on the platform. You will also be able to tag others you may have collaborated with.

Page visibility

Perhaps the biggest advantage to these new handles is the fact that they make it easier for your page to be seen and found. YouTube says it will start displaying handles in more places on the platform over time, and it can be shared beyond the platform to promote your channel.

When will I get my YouTube handle?

As of October 2022, YouTube stated that it would begin gradually introducing YouTube handles to all channels. Users will get a notification once they are able to choose a handle. For channels that already have personalized URLs, that will automatically become the handle name.

Users will be able to change or select a unique handle once notified that this feature is available to them. Keep in mind—a handle cannot be used more than once! If another user has already claimed a handle, you will have to choose a different variation.


YouTube’s introduction of handles is a positive thing in general, but especially for businesses using the platform in their social media marketing efforts. Look for this new featuring coming to a YouTube channel near you!

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