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5 Times to Be Frightened In the World of Social Media

Happy Halloween! It wouldn’t be the spookiest day of the year without an appropriately-themed blog topic from us here at McNutt & Partners. Social media shouldn’t be a scary place, but it can be! Here are a few times to be frightened in the world of social media for business.

When a page hasn’t posted content in months.

When you go to a business’ social media page, you’re likely seeking information. If the last post was marked April 2019, that’s cause for alarm! Not only can you not trust the page for updated information, but it’s also less likely that you’ll get a response if you reach out to the page privately. It’s a sign that no one has been active on the page in a while. (See our “6 Scary Stories of Marketing” blog for “The Spectral Social Media Presence.”)

When you see someone using a personal page as a business page.

Yikes! Using a personal page as a business page on social media is a no-no (as discussed in “10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Stop Making.”) To sum it up, it appears unprofessional to your customers (and a little like you don’t know what you’re doing.) Plus, business pages on social media have a slew of features that you can use to your advantage!

When your followers are robots.

Let’s face it. Robots are scary. That’s why they make the list of our times to be frightened in the world of social media.

Sometimes we can’t help it when bots follow our social media pages, but it’s something to be on the lookout for. We help our clients distinguish the robots vs. the real deal when it comes to page followers. This also helps cut down on spam comments, which are just another spooky social media phenomenon!

When typos and grammar errors are rampant.

Avert your eyes! Online “slang” has long been a thing, but we think we can all do better. Typos, grammatical errors, typing in all caps for no reason…the thought of it makes us shudder. Brands that keep it professional on social media earn our trust easier than brands that don’t!

When you see comments and questions go ignored.

No one wants to be left out in the cold…especially on an eerie Halloween night! Business pages that do not respond to their followers’ comments and questions on social media might as well be ignoring their phone calls or emails. Scary, right?


Though there are times to be frightened on social media for business, each of these less-than-desirable instances has an easy fix. If you need some guidance, we’ve got you!

Happy Halloween from your McNutt & Partners team!

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