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McNutt & Partners’ Guide to Conducting a Social Media Audit

When you hear the word “audit,” you may think about taxes and finances. But did you know that auditing applies to social media as well? A social media audit helps you assess the status of your social pages while pointing out where there may be room for improvement. It’s a smart task to complete at the outset of your social media marketing journey and routinely thereafter. Wondering where to start? Check out McNutt & Partners’ guide to conducting a social media audit.

Comprehensive auditing tasks

  • Take inventory of what pages already exist.
  • Assess who has access to the existing pages.
  • Make a list of pages you need to create.

For existing pages

  • Make sure page names and/or usernames are accurate. We also suggest they match across platforms.
  • Check that all pages have profile photos and cover photos where relevant. We also suggest they match across platforms.

Auditing by page type


  • Bios: (“intro” and “about”) make sure copy has been added to the page and it is accurate.
  • Category: select the best option for your brand.
  • Contact info: ensure that address, phone, email, website, social links and hours are added and accurate.
  • Messages: decide if you want to set up an instant reply and/or away message. If already set up, ensure the messaging is up-to-date.
  • Action button: make sure it’s turned on and that the best option for your page is selected.


  • Bio: check that copy is added and accurate.
  • Link in bio: make sure a link is added and it directs to the correct place.
  • Facebook: check that Instagram page is connected to relevant Facebook page.
  • Category: make sure the best option for your brand is selected and it displays on your profile.
  • Contact info (phone, address, email): make sure they are accurate and display on your profile.
  • Professional profile: make sure this is turned on.
  • Shop: if Shop is set up, audit store for accurate information.


  • Bio: check that copy is added and accurate.
  • Category: select the best option for your brand.
  • Location: confirm that the city and state are added and accurate.
  • Link in bio: make sure a link is added and it directs to the correct place.
  • Professional profile: make sure this is turned on so you can add business contact info.
  • Birthday: turn off birthday so it doesn’t display in profile.


  • URL: edit to match page name.
  • Bios: (tagline and description) make sure copy has been added to the page and is accurate
  • Action button: make sure it’s turned on and that the best option for your page is selected.
  • Contact info: make sure website, phone, email and address are added and accurate.
  • Business identifiers: ensure that industry and company size/type are selected.
  • Steps: complete LinkedIn’s prompted steps.
  • Hashtags: add under the “community” section of the edit page.


  • Bio: make sure copy is added and accurate.
  • Contact info: make sure website and phone number are added and accurate.
  • Professional account: switch to platform’s professional account option.
  • Category: select the best option for your brand.
  • Instagram/YouTube: check that TikTok is connected to relevant Instagram/YouTube pages.


  • Bio: make sure copy is added and accurate.
  • Contact info: make sure website is added and accurate.
  • Business account: switch to platform’s business account option.


Our guide to conducting a social media audit considers all steps required to make sure your branded pages are displaying up-to-date information that accurately represents your brand.

In between audits, make sure you are paying attention to page maintenance. We have a social media maintenance guide as well!

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6 Reasons We Are Thankful for Our McNutt & Partners Clients

‘Tis the season! The season for what? That’s really up to you. For us, we fully embrace the end of the year as a time to reflect on the positives—a time to slow down and be happy for the people, places and things that make our lives better. That being said, this Thanksgiving week, we wanted to share a few reasons we are thankful for our McNutt & Partners clients.

We get to learn new things.

Working for businesses across a variety of industries, we learn new things from our clients every day. From the research we do on their behalf, to just simple conversations with them, we learn about the ins and outs of subject matter we would likely never be exposed to otherwise!

We are fortunate to be able to use them as a resource.

In both our professional and personal lives—we have the pleasure of having our clients as a resource when it comes to their areas of expertise. Whether we’re collaborating on a work project or using their services personally, we know we can trust them.

Our clients keep us connected.

Another of the reasons we are thankful for our McNutt & Partners clients—they help keep us connected! From introducing us to others in their industry to telling a friend about us, our clients help us network.

They make us smile.

Compliments, jokes, well wishes, positive feedback—we hear them all from our clients, and we sure do appreciate it! When we say it literally brightens our days, we mean it.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to help them share their passions with others.

Showcasing our clients in their best light is our goal. We are thrilled our clients trust us with the opportunity to show off their hard work and passions to the world.

They allow us to be able to do what we love.  

Conversely, our clients allow us to practice our passions. We get to do what we love doing thanks to them—and for that we are grateful!


The reasons we are thankful for our McNutt & Partners clients have us feeling fortunate. Thank you to all our clients—past and present—for what you give back to us.

Happy Thanksgiving from the McNutt & Partners team!

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A Comprehensive Social Media Maintenance Checklist From McNutt & Partners

Running a business, you may feel like your to-do list is never ending. Maintaining your storefront, product supply, employee well-being, and customer satisfaction is more than a full-time job. Did you know? Your social media pages require maintenance as well. Check out this comprehensive social media maintenance checklist that we use to help our clients’ social pages stay updated, engaging and relevant.

McNutt & Partners’ Social Media Maintenance Checklist

social media maintenance checklist

Profile and cover photos

The profile photos on your branded social pages serve to promote brand recognition to your followers, so it’s beneficial to make sure they’re representing you accurately. We check to make sure a brand’s profile and cover images are appropriate and relevant. We also recommend having them match across social platforms (i.e., use the same profile picture on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

As part of our regular social media maintenance, we also make it a point to update our clients’ cover images on relevant platforms once per quarter.

Notifications and messages

Social media is not a set-it-and-forget-it situation. One of the most important items on our social media maintenance checklist is addressing notifications on a daily basis (which could mean multiple times a day for busier pages).

Notifications will alert you to page likes, post comments, post shares and more. We also check our clients’ private message inboxes on a regular basis and in an effort to respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

“About” info

Your social media pages act as a resource for information about your business. In fact, many people use social media to look up a business’ address, hours, and phone number like they did in the days of the Yellow Pages.

It’s good practice to make sure the “about” info listed on your business’ social pages is always accurate!


Responding to reviews is another item on our social media maintenance checklist. Good, bad and everything in between—it deserves a response. Read more on our blog, “6 Tips for Responding to Online Reviews of Your Business.”

Page access

Do you know off-hand who has access to your social media pages? If your answer is “no,” this is definitely something to check up on. It’s possible that a former employee still has access to your page, for example. When it comes to page maintenance, we ensure that the individuals who have access to our client pages are the ones who should.

Page invites

Are there people interacting with your content, but they don’t follow your page? Invite them to do so! Being proactive about garnering page follows is a checklist item that serves to help grow your engagement.


Use this social media maintenance checklist to ensure that your business pages are doing the most they can for your brand!

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5 Times to Be Frightened In the World of Social Media

Happy Halloween! It wouldn’t be the spookiest day of the year without an appropriately-themed blog topic from us here at McNutt & Partners. Social media shouldn’t be a scary place, but it can be! Here are a few times to be frightened in the world of social media for business.

When a page hasn’t posted content in months.

When you go to a business’ social media page, you’re likely seeking information. If the last post was marked April 2019, that’s cause for alarm! Not only can you not trust the page for updated information, but it’s also less likely that you’ll get a response if you reach out to the page privately. It’s a sign that no one has been active on the page in a while. (See our “6 Scary Stories of Marketing” blog for “The Spectral Social Media Presence.”)

When you see someone using a personal page as a business page.

Yikes! Using a personal page as a business page on social media is a no-no (as discussed in “10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Stop Making.”) To sum it up, it appears unprofessional to your customers (and a little like you don’t know what you’re doing.) Plus, business pages on social media have a slew of features that you can use to your advantage!

When your followers are robots.

Let’s face it. Robots are scary. That’s why they make the list of our times to be frightened in the world of social media.

Sometimes we can’t help it when bots follow our social media pages, but it’s something to be on the lookout for. We help our clients distinguish the robots vs. the real deal when it comes to page followers. This also helps cut down on spam comments, which are just another spooky social media phenomenon!

When typos and grammar errors are rampant.

Avert your eyes! Online “slang” has long been a thing, but we think we can all do better. Typos, grammatical errors, typing in all caps for no reason…the thought of it makes us shudder. Brands that keep it professional on social media earn our trust easier than brands that don’t!

When you see comments and questions go ignored.

No one wants to be left out in the cold…especially on an eerie Halloween night! Business pages that do not respond to their followers’ comments and questions on social media might as well be ignoring their phone calls or emails. Scary, right?


Though there are times to be frightened on social media for business, each of these less-than-desirable instances has an easy fix. If you need some guidance, we’ve got you!

Happy Halloween from your McNutt & Partners team!

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Getting a Handle on YouTube: Introducing YouTube Handles

Do you have a handle on social media? This question means more than just whether or not you grasp the concept. “Handles” are identifiers for your social media pages. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are known for handles. Recently, another social media giant jumped on board with the concept. YouTube handles are coming soon!

Remind me, what’s a handle?

When we refer to a “handle” on social media, this is basically the “@” symbol in front of the name of your page. In some cases, like on Facebook, the page name is not always the same as the handle (called a “username” on Facebook) like it is on Twitter and Instagram, for example.

Read our blog on tips for naming your social media pages for more insight.

Announcing YouTube handles

Last week, YouTube announced it would be launching handles “to make it easier for members of the community to find and connect with each other.” The notice went on to say that each YouTube user’s handle will be unique to that user, as opposed to channel names, which are not.

In addition to serving as a unique identifier, YouTube handles will also become a part of the channel URL for YouTube users.

For example, if our handle was @mcnuttpartners, our channel URL would be https://youtube.com/@mcnuttpartners. This is the link you would give people to find your YouTube page.

What does this mean for users?

So, why are YouTube handles a good thing for your business’ social media marketing?

Page name consistency

Now with the ability to create a custom YouTube handle, you can match your handle to those associated with your brand’s other social media pages. This is helpful for social media users looking for your business page.

Tagging and getting tagged

Users can now tag one another using the new handles in places like videos, YouTube Shorts, comments and more. This type of engagement helps enhance your brand’s visibility on the platform. You will also be able to tag others you may have collaborated with.

Page visibility

Perhaps the biggest advantage to these new handles is the fact that they make it easier for your page to be seen and found. YouTube says it will start displaying handles in more places on the platform over time, and it can be shared beyond the platform to promote your channel.

When will I get my YouTube handle?

As of October 2022, YouTube stated that it would begin gradually introducing YouTube handles to all channels. Users will get a notification once they are able to choose a handle. For channels that already have personalized URLs, that will automatically become the handle name.

Users will be able to change or select a unique handle once notified that this feature is available to them. Keep in mind—a handle cannot be used more than once! If another user has already claimed a handle, you will have to choose a different variation.


YouTube’s introduction of handles is a positive thing in general, but especially for businesses using the platform in their social media marketing efforts. Look for this new featuring coming to a YouTube channel near you!

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A Preview of Our Print Media Services

We talk frequently on this blog about various forms of digital advertising, including social media. Today we want to shift the focus to a more traditional—yet still effective—form of marketing: print media. Sometimes there is no substitute for having something tangible to read—whether in-hand in the form of a pamphlet or brochure, or from a distance like a sign or billboard. Here’s a quick overview of our print media services here at McNutt & Partners.

Print ads

Print advertisements are a palpable way of communicating your messaging that can be read, exchanged and referenced time and time again!


Takeaway items like brochures, pamphlets and info cards allow you to explain various aspects of your business when you are not there to do so in person. Leaving items like these at relevant locations—your local chamber of commerce, partner businesses, swag bags of an event you’re sponsoring—is an effective strategy for getting the word out about your brand.


These forms of marketing have been around for a long time—and they’re still relevant today. Your target audience should determine which publication(s) you want your ad to appear in—and we’re happy to help guide you in that regard.


Who doesn’t love getting things in the mail? We’ll help you spread the word about your brand by creating engaging mailers that won’t get automatically banished to the junk pile.


Get seen from all perspectives with carefully-placed signage that speaks to your client base.


Look up. That’s the billboard we helped you design, towering over a spot where thousands of cars pass each day. A billboard places your brand in a place you would literally never have access to otherwise.


Signage on your storefront can be easily switched out from season to season (or sale to sale) and helps attract passersby to step through your doors. It’s also eye-candy for motorists who may miss your main business sign.

Yard signs

Real estate, lawn care, elections—the implementations for yard signs are numerous, and we’ve worked with them all!


Sponsoring a sports team and need to be seen from the outfield? Going to a trade show and need to jazz up your booth? Those are just a couple of examples of how we can help your brand shine using carefully-designed and well-placed banners, another of our print media services.


We’ll compose the material you need in an easy-to-follow format using a combination of thoughtful layout skills, engaging graphic design, personalized copywriting and astute editing.

Product catalogs

Your website may not be the only place you want to showcase your products remotely. We can help you develop a printed product catalog covering all of your offerings.

Niche publications

Does your brand sponsor an annual, quarterly or monthly publication? Provide us the details, and we’ll lay it out for you—cover to cover.


Are you a service-based business, and you’d like to show off your body of work in a professional and easily-consumable format? Our print services have you covered!


Print advertising comes in many forms, and each one serves a purpose in helping to communicate your intended message to your clientele. Have an idea for a print product that’s not on this list? We’re a full-service agency, which means we can help you with just about anything!

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Posted vs. Perfect: The Case for Not Stressing Over the Small Details in Social Media

Here’s an understatement: social media is fast paced. What was relevant yesterday is no longer relevant today, and what will be relevant tomorrow is likely something that hasn’t even happened yet. Keeping up with the pace of social media can be a challenge, but it’s one that will pay off for your business. Sometimes, to do this efficiently, it can mean not stressing over the small details in social media.

Please, explain.

Happy to! First off, to be specific, we’re talking about posting content to social media. As a business, it’s something we recommend doing on a consistent basis.

We want to make it clear—when we talk about not stressing over the small details in social media, we don’t mean neglecting professionalism when it comes to details like grammar, spelling, etiquette and brand consistency. Please, pay attention to these things!

What we do mean is obsessing over your content in an attempt to make it perfect, and in doing so missing valuable opportunities to post. It’s a concept we’re referring to as “posted vs. perfect.”

Posted vs. perfect

Let’s say you’re working on a social media post, and you’re designing a graphic that includes information about an event your business has coming up.

The event details are nailed down. You know what you want to say in the post caption. But this graphic—you can’t get it quite right! You’re torn between a light blue or dark blue background color. Or maybe the logo positioning is throwing you off. Perhaps you just don’t know how to make all of the information you want included fit on that one graphic.

While it’s fine to make changes to achieve the look or messaging you’re going for when it comes to crafting social content, stop and ask yourself: Is this really going to matter to my audience?

Our point is, in all the time you spent poring over changes to your graphic, you’ve wasted valuable time getting the word out about the event. And remember, these are changes that likely will not make a difference to your audience.

Not stressing over the small details in social media

We came across an Instagram post the other day that sums it up pretty well.

Perfectionism costs you money. I once refused to post a content, because it was not yet perfect. After 3 weeks, my partner told me that perfection is just an illusion. So I posted it. 20 hours later, someone sent me a DM, saying that the content pulled her in. She then applied for one of my services. For $6,000. If I didn’t upload that content, if I followed my perfectionism, I would lose that $6,000. Clients don’t purchase from a content that’s perfect. They purchase from a content that’s posted. Posted is better than perfect. (Full post from @hellostorytale: www.instagram.com/p/Ci5AkDPJJNG)

So again, sometimes it’s better just to get your content out there than to strive for perfection. This is especially true considering the fact that social media content is so fleeting. Remember, your post is not going to hang in an art gallery on display for months. Soon it will be buried by new content, and the post you stressed over will be old news before you know it!


It’s all about finding the balance between quality content and perfectionism. Not stressing over the small details in social media is a good practice for keeping your posting schedule on track while still conveying relevant information to your page followers.

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