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6 Scary Stories of Marketing

Spooky season, meet spooky week. It’s officially the last full week of October, which means it’s time to embrace Halloween in all its spine-tingling glory. Since it’s the one time of year we can acceptably write about things that are scary without getting weird looks, here we are to tell you some scary stories of marketing. You may want to leave the lights on for this one!

“The Tale of the Low-Res Logo”

Low-resolution—avert your eyes! This unsightly offender will make your branding scare off even the bravest of consumers. And a screenshot of your logo? Don’t even go there!

Make it a point to keep a suite of high-resolution logo files in various formats on hand, whether you use an in-house designer or outsource to an agency like us!

“The Spectral Social Media Presence”

Knock-knock…is anyone home? Don’t let this be someone’s first thought when visiting your social media pages! If your brand’s last post was in 2018, consider yourself a ghost on social media. Spooky!

“The Cobweb-Covered Website”

A similar one among our scary stories of marketing is the cobweb-covered website. Think about entering a haunted house, decorated with dust, cobwebs and tarp-covered furniture. Not a place you want to hang out! Your website shouldn’t echo this ghastly scene. If your web structure is bare bones, or you just haven’t updated in a while, no one will want to come-a-knockin’.

“The Case of the Disappearing Passwords”

Locked out of your social media accounts or other digital assets? No bones about it, that’s pretty chilling! If your passwords have up and vanished (from your brain or elsewhere), it may be time to get on board with a password manager.

“The Chillingly-Inconsistent Branding”

You’re using your original logo on your mailers, but your new logo on your website. The red on your business cards does not match the red on your brochures. And your tagline has quotes around it on some marketing materials but not others. The horror!

Inconsistent branding makes people feel uneasy. Keep trust associated with your brand by keeping things cohesive!

“The Story of the Ghosted Marketing Agency”

We’ve saved perhaps the most terrifying of our scary stories of marketing for last. Your marketing agency is here to help—and that only works with active communication between both parties. In other words, don’t ghost your marketing agency!  Leaving your agency in the dark as to what’s going on with your business will put a devilish damper on your marketing efforts.


Yes, we know—these are some seriously-spooky tales. But marketing doesn’t have to be scary! In fact, seeing marketing efforts work the way they are intended should be positively thrilling. Let us help! Oh yeah, and Happy Halloween.

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