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7 Ways to Make Your Business Discoverable on Social Media

Setting up a social media page for your business is step one. But after that, you’ve got to let people know you’re there! Through their “suggested pages to follow” features, some social platforms help you out a little in that regard. However, there are things you can do to make your business more discoverable on social media to your intended audiences.

Choose an identifiable page name.

You may not realize it, but there is a science to the way you should name your business’ social media pages that can affect how easy it is for others to find you.

A few best practices for naming your branded social pages are:

  • Including your business name in the page name
  • Incorporating the business location in the page name
  • Keeping the name consistent across multiple social platforms

Read more about tips for naming your social media pages.

Check your settings.

Your page settings can actually make it harder for others to find your page if you have them set up in a certain way. On Facebook, for example, there are settings for country and age restrictions, whether or not people can message your page privately, and more.

There is also a setting called “Similar Page Suggestions.” When toggled on, Facebook will include your business page when recommending similar pages people might like on a page timeline. (Basically, this is what we were talking about in the intro.)

Bottom line: if you don’t have a legitimate reason for it, then there is no need to restrict anyone from being able to find your business pages—so make sure the page settings reflect that.

Interact regularly as your business page.

Interacting, a.k.a., actually using social media as it was intended, is a great way to make your business discoverable on social media. If people see your page pop up in comments on content they are also seeing, or in a list of likes on a group post, they’ll know it’s there—which is the first step to them actually following it.

Actively seek out relevant content to like, share and comment on to heighten your page visibility!

Post consistently.

An active social media page is a happy social media page. This applies not only to interacting with others’ content, but posting your own—on a consistent basis.

Posting quality content on a regular schedule will help your pages get prioritized by search engines, social media users and the social platforms themselves.

Tag other business pages.

Tagging also helps your business pages’ visibility on social media. If you tag another page, your content could potentially get shown to followers of said page. Tagging another page also makes it more likely that the page you have tagged will engage with your content.

Just be sure that you only tag when relevant—don’t spam other pages with unnecessary tags.

Share your social pages wherever possible.

In your email signature. On a direct mailer. On a sign on the front counter of your office. In the footer of your website. Shout it out to the world that your brand has a presence on social media, and which specific platforms you are on.

Include links to your social pages wherever possible, and display icons for the social networks you are associated with when links are not an option (i.e. print materials).

Run paid ads.

You can run sponsored (paid) ads on social media that serve the sole purpose of “gaining page followers.” These ads are set up in such a way to solicit page likes. Sounds like a very direct way to increase your page prominence!


Making a social media page for your business doesn’t automatically guarantee that your desired clientele will see it. Sometimes it takes a little legwork to make your business discoverable on social media, and these methods can help!

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