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8 Things You Can Learn From Google Analytics

As your customers interact with your digital assets, you likely want to know a little about their activity on your pages—and where they are coming from. That’s where Google Analytics comes in. Google Analytics is a free platform that offers tons of metrics to help you track online activity to your business websites and apps. Here are a few key things you can learn from Google Analytics.

Active users at any given time

Google Analytics provides real time stats across a variety of categories, including the number of current active users at the time you are viewing the data. Other real time stats include page views per minute, page views per second, current active pages, the locations of current active users and more.

Where on the internet users are coming from

How did internet users end up on your website? Google Analytics will tell you. Whether it’s from an organic Google search, paid Google ad, social media site or other referral site, you can pinpoint the number of users coming from these various sources on specific dates and over specified time frames.

Who your users are

Not only does Google Analytics tell you where your users are coming from on the internet, but also where in the world they come from. In addition to geographic location, among the things you can learn from Google Analytics are user age, gender, interests and more.

User behavior

Once users get to your website or app, what are they doing? Learn how much time they’re spending on certain pages, which pages they travel to from other pages within your site, and points of exit (i.e., which pages they are most likely to exit the site from entirely). The user behavior category also tracks sessions by time of day.

How users are visiting your site

Here, we mean mobile vs. desktop vs. tablet. What are the top devices being used to access your site? Google Analytics will give you a comparison, including average session duration in addition to the percentage of users having sessions on certain types of devices.

User retention

How well are you retaining users on your site? In other words, is your website or app content holding their interest and keeping them coming back to view more? Google Analytics data will reveal that and more.

Google Ads campaigns

Ads campaigns is a section of Google Analytics that tells you how well any paid Google ads you have running are performing—if you have linked your Ads account to your Analytics property. Clicks, cost, cost per click, number of users, sessions, bounce rate—this type of data can be useful in determining your ROI for a campaign.

Technical performance

If you’re interested to learn how your websites and apps are performing technically, this is among the things you can learn from Google Analytics. For example, you can search “worst pages by load speed” and discover where you may have issues with page load time. Conversely, you can seek out your pages with faster load times to see what’s working.


These things you can learn from Google Analytics will help better-equip you to make informed decisions about your websites, apps and their content.

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