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A Closer Look at Our Copywriting Services

You may not initially think of writing when it comes to marketing. However, copywriting plays a big role in the ads you see around you every day—from billboards to social media to Google searches and beyond. We’re taking a closer look at our copywriting services to give you an idea of all the ways great copywriting supports effective marketing efforts.

Copy is your brand’s voice.

Before we get into our copywriting services, a quick note about how we think of copywriting in a marketing sense. Running a business, you can’t be everywhere, talking to all your clients, at the same time. Copy—whether it exists on a printed or digital format—serves as your brand’s voice when you aren’t there to physically speak on your brand’s behalf.

That being said, you always want your copy to represent you in a professional manner (including online!) You also want your copy to align with your branding, which is the visual representation of your brand’s personality.

Ways we use copywriting in marketing

When referring to our copywriting services, here are a few things we’re talking about!

Social media

This is arguably one of the most important copy-related services that we offer—and for any brand cultivating an online presence. Social media is conversational, and it offers a lot of real estate for written communication.

We write post copy on behalf of our clients, as well as respond to comments and messages. Copywriting here also includes the copy we include on the graphics we post to your social media timelines and stories.

The written post content you share from your business pages on social media can have a huge impact on how potential customers react to you.


From short-form on social media to long-form on blogs, we write it all! Maintaining a blog is a time-consuming endeavor that many business owners would not have the time for without our help.

We write well-researched, search engine-optimized blog copy that coincides with your brand’s voice. The end result gives you loads of fresh content on your website, while providing a useful and entertaining value to your brand followers.


Your website is your little slice of digital real estate where you get to introduce people to your brand—and encourage them to keep coming back for more interactions. The copy on your website serves to describe your business, your products and your services.

Starting from a blank slate can sometimes be intimidating. We see a blank slate and see opportunity! We’ll create copy for your entire website—from bios to about sections and beyond. Or, if your website needs a refresh on its existing copy, we can help with that as well.


Video script? Radio script? We’ve got you covered! Whether someone on your team is reading it or an actor or voice-over artist, we’ll make sure your script says what needs to be said in an easy-to-understand and engaging format.

Print materials

This category encompasses so much when it comes to our copywriting services. Brochures. Pamphlets. Mailers. Newspaper and magazine ads. Flyers. Banners. Need we say more?


Branding means assigning an identity to your business. Many concepts support an overall brand—from the business’ name, to its tagline, to its mission statement. Each of these can benefit from the help of a professional copywriting team—like us!

So much more!

We’ve hit the highlights on some of the copywriting services we offer, but here’s a catch-all for the rest.

  • Email marketing
  • Digital ads
  • Press releases
  • Infographics
  • Apps
  • Product packaging
  • Instruction sheets
  • And anything else you need written!


Our copywriting services exist to help you present your business professionally and personably no matter what medium you’re using to reach out to clientele. Let’s get started!

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