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7 Reasons to Be Thankful for Social Media

Every year around this time we try to pinpoint something to attribute our gratitude toward. This year, we’re feeling social! (And no, not just at the office holiday party). We often hear about people “getting off” social media for this reason and that, but let’s talk about why it’s actually pretty awesome with these reasons to be thankful for social media.

Keeps us connected.

This one kind of prompts the response: Duh! But let’s take a step back. Think about those people whose numbers you don’t have, but you were able to message them for something you needed because you are friends on Facebook. Or what about birthdays—who admits that social media is the only way they keep up with birthdays these days? (::raises hands::)

These are specific examples of ways that social media keeps us connected in our everyday lives, but its role as a societal connector is so much bigger than that. Social media certainly makes the world a lot smaller in the best way possible.

…and keeps us connected remotely.

Back to that small world thing. Pandemic society has placed the concept of “remote” work, “remote” socializing, “remote” life in the spotlight. Thanks to social media, we are able to stay connected from our couches, from an airplane, and from our smartphones waiting in the doctor’s office. The connectivity is essentially limitless (pending a cell or internet connection). And we think that’s pretty cool.

Serves as a channel for news and information.

In addition to serving as a social connector, we are thankful for social media acting as a source of information. For many of us, getting on social media each day is akin to reading the daily newspaper. From community groups sharing information about local road closures to global media outlets reporting about delays in shipping canals, we hear about it on social media.

Provides entertainment.

Also in the flow of information spread across social media, we’re thankful for entertainment. Funny cat videos, office-related memes, movie previews, album releases from our favorite artists—we consume it all on our go-to social channels.

Acts as a teaching tool.

Cue the YouTube and TikTok tutorials! We are thankful for social media because it teaches us the things we need to know in life. How to change a tire? You’ve got it. How to curl your hair? Start browsing. Cooking?—There are social platforms specific to cooking alone! No need to dust off the encyclopedias—social media has us covered.

Gives brands an online presence.

Of course, we couldn’t mention our reasons to be thankful for social media without talking about brand presence. Social media gives businesses a space to exist online—one where they can not only share their products and services and showcase their brand culture, but also interact with current and potential clientele. Along with these advantages comes the opportunity to couple organic interaction with paid social ads. Social media: if you’re a brand, it’s a place you want to be!

Creates a record of our lives.  

Back to the more personal side of social media—it is a literal record of our lives. Don’t think about it in the scary, somebody-is-spying-on-me type of way though. In a nostalgic way, social media is an archive of our photos, our life events, and our interactions with our loved ones. We all like getting those “5 Years Ago Today” reminders. Think about when that becomes “25 Years Ago Today!” Sure, it might make us feel old, but the ability to look back on these memories is pretty great.


One more time for the people in the back—we’re thankful for social media, and we’re not afraid to say it! We’re also thankful for our clients and brand followers for allowing us to do what we love to do! Happy Thanksgiving from the McNutt & Partners team.

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