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8 Reasons to Be Thankful for Digital Marketing

The week of precariously fried turkeys, awkward family interactions and food comas coupled with stretchy pants is here for another year. During Thanksgiving week, we throw around the word “thankful” pretty often. “I’m thankful for my family.” “I’m thankful for my job.” “I’m thankful for a roof over my head.” All great things. But today we’re thinking outside the box—with reasons to be thankful for digital marketing.

You can get your content out there quickly. 

When we say that digital marketing is instant, we mean that quite literally. Within seconds, you can take a picture of your product and have it uploaded to the digital sphere for all the world to see.

It’s (generally) less expensive.

Many of the tools involved in digital marketing (like social networks) are available for use free of charge. Sure, there are ways to spend money on these platforms to expand your reach, but even then the costs are negligible in comparison to most traditional forms of advertising. You also have more options reflective of various price ranges.

The possibilities are diverse.

Speaking of variety, no longer is marketing confined to two-dimensional surfaces. Among our reasons to be thankful for digital marketing is the fact that there’s more license for creativity. From graphics to video to augmented reality, branded content now exists on multiple creative platforms.

It’s not hard to make changes on the fly.

Uploading digital content is much easier than say, installing a print billboard. If you have a price change or want to extend the dates on your special, digital marketing allows us to do that with a few clicks. Ask the billboard people to change a price tag and you’ll be looking at significant time and money to get it resolved.

Brands can convey multiple messages at once.

There’s only so much space in a magazine or on a direct mail flyer. The internet, however, is virtually infinite (pun intended). Digital marketing allows us to display as many marketing messages as we want, simultaneously, across various platforms.

Digital media is better quality.

High-res, 4K—it all means one thing: high quality. The world of digital media allows us to create clearer, more engaging advertisements than our print predecessors—and it only promises to get better as technology evolves.

It’s easily trackable.

Unless you ask, you can’t determine which of your traditional forms of advertising influenced a consumer to walk into your store or make a phone call. Link clicks, website visits, online purchases and more are extremely trackable, however, from a digital marketing standpoint.

You can market to the most relevant audiences.

As uncomfortable as it makes some people to think about, our digital behavior is tracked. This gives marketers the opportunity to funnel their content in front of the eyes of those more likely to be interested in their products or services. On the flip side, consumers have the benefit of having a better chance of seeing ads that interest them as opposed to those that simply clutter their digital lives.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Along with these solid reasons to be thankful for digital marketing, we want to say how thankful we are for each of the wonderful businesses and brands that we get the opportunity to work with each day. We truly enjoy helping our clients to grow and succeed, and we thank you for putting us in a position to help you do just that. Happy Thanksgiving!

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