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Showcasing Your Company Culture on Social Media

Social media is many things. A way for human beings to connect. A record of life events and activities. A platform for brand exposure. A network for ecommerce. As a marketer on social media, it’s important to not confine yourself to using social media for solely one of these roles (even if just in appearance, and even if your main goal is to generate sales.) As social media users’ expectations have evolved, showcasing your company culture on social media is more important now than ever before.

How we define company culture

“Company culture” is a broad term to encompass the values that your company stands for and the image you are projecting into the world. Yes, this can get as serious as showcasing your affiliation with political and social issues (though we typically advise otherwise), or as casual as sharing your company’s annual “Bring Your Dog to the Office Day” photos. It can also include details like office hours, employee benefits, dress code, etc., which all affect how employees carry themselves as a representative of a business.

Offering your social media followers some insight into your company culture shows them the human side of your brand, which gives them a better opportunity to feel connected to you. In turn, people who feel connected to your brand are more likely to do business with you.

The drawbacks of being overly-promotional on social media

The opposite of content that discloses company culture on social media is content that is purely promotional and sales-driven. According to a recent blog from HubSpot, brands being overly promotional on Instagram is one of the top mistakes marketers are making on the platform right now. HubSpot suggests that sales pitches like “Sale!” “Free shipping!” and “Save now!” flooding a brand’s Instagram feed is “unflattering” and even “distasteful.”

This is not to say that one should not post promotional content on Instagram and other social media networks; however, it’s all about finding the balance. Instagram users especially expect messaging with substance and relevance to their lives. If all they see is sales pitch after sales pitch, they will likely be more apt to unfollow your page.

Ways to do it

So how do you share “meaningful” content? Here are a few suggestions!

Turn the spotlight on your customers

Share customer posts that tag your page to give them an extra shout-out. You can also ask customers if it’s OK if you take a picture of them after an exciting purchase!

Showcase your staff

A suggestion we’ve mentioned many times before, give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your employees. Talk about notable achievements, celebrate birthdays and just generally show them off!

Talk about local issues

Taking a stance on a social issue or portraying your political affiliation can be tricky. Doing so can isolate entire portions of your customer base—so do so at your own risk. A safer bet is to talk about local issues that directly affect your business. Celebrate the announcement of a new anchor store coming to your shopping center. Applaud the city for making traffic improvements in your area. Encourage customers to get out and vote in your next municipal election (even if you don’t state who for).

Share what you do in the community

Showcasing your company culture on social media doesn’t get more direct than giving your brand a pat on the back for doing good in the community. Post about your volunteer work, events you participate in, and other local businesses you support.

Have a sense of humor

Lighten up! When it’s appropriate (and non-offensive), don’t hesitate to have a sense of humor using your brand’s social content. Nothing bonds us more as human beings than a good laugh.


We know that your overall goal as a business is to make a profit, but not every social post you make has to be overtly sales pitch-y. Posts associated with the culture of your brand are a more relatable way of appealing to your customers while still supporting your business goals.

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