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Who Can Help? Explaining Our Roles on the McNutt & Partners Team

As a full-service marketing agency, we wear lots of hats. Graphic designers. Brand consultants. Your go-to phone call when your website crashes. With all of those services at your disposal, do you know who to contact depending on what you need? We’re peeling back a layer to show you a bit more about the inner workings of our marketing agency. Here’s a breakdown of our roles on the McNutt & Partners team.

Social media team

Our social media team is your go-to for all things—you guessed it—social media. This includes setting up new social media accounts, auditing and updating existing accounts, managing social media ads and more.

Our social media specialists are also responsible for scheduling your social media content. So, if you ever need something posted urgently—or conversely, to stop a post from going out that has been scheduled—they’re the ones to message!

Contacts:; (Not to be confusing, but yes, our social media team is Hanna and Hannah!)

Graphic designers

Hello, creative brains! Our stellar graphic designers are the ones who make your brand visually come to life. From print materials like brochures and business cards, to digital ads on social media and websites—our graphic design crew is continuously building fresh, engaging content to make your brand shine.

Starting from scratch? Our graphic designers can help build your brand from the ground up by creating a logo, selecting colors and a font family, establishing brand design standards and more.



You might not think about writing when it comes to roles on the McNutt & Partners team, but our copywriters are an integral part of our full-service marketing agency!

Dedicated copywriters gives our agency the ability to put a specific focus on and effort into crafting effective and engaging copy for materials like your website, social media posts, blogs, press releases, Google text ads and more.

Our copywriters are also critical to SEO strategy, as they identify keywords and incorporate those into your marketing materials to help position your brand better in the eyes of search engines.


Project management

You’ve got marketing needs. We’ve got the resources to meet them. Our project managers communicate with our clients to gather details and information about a task or project and then connect with our team members to delegate those items accordingly. Along the way, our project managers will be able to help you as these tasks evolve and see them through to completion.


Tech team

Our technology team gets down to the intricacies of your digital assets—from developing your website to making recommendations about software and services—and so much more. Augmented reality, apps and all-things-SEO—our tech team is more than qualified to be your brand’s right-hand for technical knowledge.



We work with a talented group of lens-wielding creatives! Our friends in the industry will help showcase your brand in a professional and approachable light. Product photography, staff photography, quick video clips, long-form video funnels—we’ve got you covered.


A quick note

We may have outlined our roles on the McNutt & Partners team, but keep in mind: whoever you contact with an email address will get you connected with the right person(s) for the job.


When you work with us, you’ve got a whole team of professionals on your side! We enjoy seeing our clients grow just as much as you want your brand to thrive. Let’s start talking!

McNutt & Partners is a full-service advertising and digital marketing agency. Contact us today for your marketing needs! Call 334-521-1010, or visit our contact page.

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