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The Top Video Marketing Platforms in 2022 Ranked

Video is dominating social media, especially with the booming popularity of video-based platforms like TikTok rising to power during the pandemic. HubSpot recently ranked the top video marketing platforms in 2022, and you might be surprised to find who led the pack! Here are a few insights we gleaned from the report.

Instagram is a frontrunner.

Instagram launched its Reels format in response to TikTok, and it’s been serving the platform well lately! In the study, Instagram came out on top for ROI, engagement and lead generation when it comes to sharing marketing videos—even beating out YouTube in those categories. Also, 42 percent of marketers who do not currently use Instagram for marketing said they would start to do so this year.

YouTube continues to see the most marketing use.

Though YouTube trailed Instagram in categories like ROI and lead generation, it continues to be the most-used app for video sharing by marketers. In fact, 70 percent of marketers said they leverage YouTube when sharing marketing videos.

In addition, 27 percent of marketers said they plan to invest the most in YouTube for their marketing video content this year, earning it a top spot on that list.

Facebook stays steady.  

Behind YouTube for usage by marketers, Facebook tied with Instagram—both at 60 percent. Facebook falls about in the middle for a host of other categories, coming in fourth for ROI, engagement and lead generation. However, fourth is still strong. Fifty-one percent of marketers said Facebook was “most effective” for generating leads when sharing marketing videos, for example.

TikTok is under-utilized.

TikTok has proved its worth, coming in second for engagement and third for ROI. However, marketers aren’t using it as much as some of the other platforms.

Among the top video marketing platforms in 2022, TikTok ranked fourth among the networks most-used by marketers for video, falling behind Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. It also came in last among the top seven platforms that marketers said they plan to try for the first time in 2022. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat all preceded it for that category, in that order.

LinkedIn stands strong.

LinkedIn may not be the first option you think of when it comes to video marketing, but don’t count it out! HubSpot’s study sees LinkedIn coming in third for lead generation, behind Instagram and YouTube but ahead of Facebook and TikTok. Despite that marketers have a decent opinion of LinkedIn when it comes to lead generation, it ranked last for usage—coming in at number six of the group.


These top video marketing platforms in 2022 show some noteworthy strengths and weaknesses. Think about what mediums you’re currently using for video marketing. Could it be time to try something new this year? We think it’s always good to shake things up!

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