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Things We Like About Facebook’s New Pages Experience

If you have a business page connected to your personal Facebook account, you may have seen a pop-up recently that said “Review Changes to Your Page.” This is referring to Facebook’s continued rollout of its new Pages Experience. Sometimes change can be scary, but in this case, we believe it’s a good one! We’ll point out some of the things we like about Facebook’s new Pages Experience to help you embrace the new interface.

Toggle between your personal page and business page(s) quickly.

Previously, you had to navigate to your business page from your personal profile and trust Facebook to automatically switch you over to allow you to use Facebook as your business page.

Now, the new Pages Experience provides an easy toggle back-and-forth between your personal and business page(s) in the top right next to your notifications icon. With the profile picture displayed to show you which page you’re interacting as at any given time, it’s easy to navigate—especially if you run multiple business pages.

Stay organized and check notifications easily.

Speaking of notifications, another of the things we like about Facebook’s new Pages Experience is it’s easier to stay organized and track notifications for your business page.

Once you’ve toggled over, notifications for your business page appear in the same format as they do for your personal profile. The same goes for your Messenger inbox as well. This prevents business notifications from getting mixed up with your personal ones—and sometimes overlooked.

There’s room for fewer mistakes when engaging as the business page.

Prior to the new Pages Experience, it was somewhat difficult to like, comment on and share content as your business page. Sometimes, you might think you were interacting as your business page, only to accidentally comment as your individual profile, for example.

Now, with the ability to completely and clearly toggle over to your business page, it’s clear when you are interacting with content as that page (rather than your personal profile).

Follow other pages as your business page.

Another benefit to the new Pages Experience is it’s streamlined the process of following other pages (business or personal) as your business page. For example, if you want to follow municipal organizations, non-profits that you support or fellow local businesses—it’s now much easier to do so.

Interact on your business page’s own dedicated news feed.  

Just like your personal profile, content from the pages you follow as your business page appears on the Facebook News Feed. With the new Pages Experience, you have the ability to view and scroll your business page’s own News Feed of content. This consolidates relevant content for your business page to interact with, making it easier to show your support, start conversations and more.


The things we like about Facebook’s new Pages Experience all make it easier to maximize social media use for business. We can’t control what social media giants like Facebook decide to do when they make changes, but luckily in this case we feel that it’s moving in a positive direction.

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