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8 Social Media Marketing Myths to Acknowledge in 2021

Where there is room for success and error, there is a gray area where myths thrive. It’s no different in the world of social media marketing. With every post, new user and timeline scroll, social media is evolving. While that may make it seem like the future of social media is uncertain, we believe we can point out with confidence a few social media misconceptions relevant to now. Follow along with these social media myths to acknowledge in 2021.

I don’t have time to post to social, so it’s pointless to have one for my business.

In 2021, having a social media presence as a business is no longer optional. It’s akin to having a website and provides another way for people to be able to find you online. Even if you do not have time to post every day or even every week, it’s still important to maintain a page to make sure your brand is represented in a space where so many consumers are spending their time.

Work with an agency to manage your social, or set time aside a couple days out of the month to post an update. Even a couple posts a month is better than nothing.

My brand needs to be on every social network.

There are multitudes of social media networks in existence today, and different ones cater to different demographics of users. The truth is, not all social media platforms are right for your business. It depends on what you are marketing and who you are marketing to. Don’t waste time on networks where you are not getting much engagement or response in return for your efforts.

There is a specific time of day and day of the week when I should post to social media.

Do a Google search, and you’ll find piles of articles talking about the “ideal day and time of day” to post to social media. Take the suggestions into consideration, but in our opinion, there is no magic bullet when it comes to this. Social media is used ‘round the clock, and algorithm limitations are going to be the ultimate factor determining who sees what content. The important thing to is that you’re posting at all, on some sort of consistent schedule.

Social media followers aren’t relevant to me unless they buy something.

This one among our social media marketing myths can seem like a bit of a contradiction at first. Clients will say, “Wait, I thought my business was on social media to make sales. Why do I need non-customer followers?”

The reason for this is the same as any sort of brand awareness that you are cultivating for your business. Seeing your logo on a billboard or baseball sponsorship poster in the outfield doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is going to immediately head to your store and make a purchase. It does mean that they are more likely to remember your brand when it comes time to either consider a purchase themselves or even just recommend you to a friend, family member or coworker.

On social media, too, there is strength in numbers. Everyone you are connected to (whether they are paying customers or not) puts you indirectly in contact with their fans and followers, and so on and so on. That’s why it’s called a social media “network.”

My target customers aren’t the social media type.

This myth relates to the one we just discussed. Even if you suspect that your target customers aren’t on social media, chances are that someone they know is. Word of mouth is powerful when it comes to brand awareness.

Besides that point, you might be surprised. With all of the different niche social platforms available, there truly is a social media network to suit a variety of demographics and their needs—so you may have more customers using social than you think.

I should stay off social media to avoid bad business reviews.

This is one we hear quite frequently—and one that we want you to shake off—immediately! Some social platforms like Facebook provide a space for customers to leave reviews. Yes, this could include the occasional negative review, but that should NOT be a reason to shun social media completely. The vast array of benefits of being on social media as a business greatly outweigh the possibility of a negative review here and there. Plus, garnering positive reviews for your brand is critical to maintaining a solid online reputation.

Social media users don’t want to see branded content.

While it’s true that some social media users will adjust their settings to see fewer ads, it’s not true that everyone is opposed to seeing branded content on their timelines. In fact, according to HubSpot, 54 percent of social media users are using it specifically to research products and 83 percent of people use Instagram to “discover new products and services.” These stats show that beyond the “social” aspect of social networks, they also serve as venues for consumers.

I should only post branded content on my business’ social media page.

Conversely to the point above, it’s a myth that your page should be 100 percent full of branded content. Social media users want to see the faces behind the brand—AKA, you and your staff! Showcasing the “human” side of your business on social media is just as important as pushing your products and services.


Checking in with these social media marketing myths to acknowledge in 2021 is critical to making sure your business is getting the most out of the digital marketing opportunities available to it.  Of course, one great way to ensure that your social presence stays viable is to work with an agency like us!

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