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Having a Social Media Account vs. Using a Social Media Account

“Are you on social media?” It’s a common question these days. However, the more critical query is “Are you using social media?” Having a social media account vs. using a social media account are two different concepts. If you’re using social media for marketing purposes, this difference between the two is one that could significantly impact your marketing efforts for the better (or worse).

Having a social media account

Having a social media account vs. using a social media account is the more passive approach (and one that will not necessarily benefit your marketing efforts). If you identify with any of these scenarios, you fall into the category of having (but not using) social media.

  • You made an Instagram account back when it first became popular, but you haven’t touched it since.
  • Your children set up a Facebook page for you, but the only time you log on to post is on major holidays.
  • Your Twitter account exists, but you can’t remember the password.
  • You just checked your Facebook inbox for the first time in a year, and oops! There are a slew of messages that went ignored.
  • Your LinkedIn page hasn’t been updated since your first job out of college.
  • People can find your brand’s social media pages, but they leave when they see that your last post was in 2014.

That last one in particular is what we’re talking about here. Sure, one might argue that having a social media presence as a brand is better than not having one at all, but that’s debatable if your page reflects inactivity and neglect.

Social media users want to see that you want to engage with them. Consistently posting fresh, relevant content to your pages is the best way to do that.

Using a social media account

Using social media equals being active on social media. In marketing, it means using it to your advantage in an effort to generate a positive buzz around your brand and drive customer leads. If you’re using your social media account vs. simply having one, then one of the following likely applies:

  • You’re logged on to multiple social platforms most of the time, if not all of the time.
  • You post to your accounts on a consistent basis (daily, every other day, or at least once a week).
  • You’re always looking for new followers to engage with and new accounts to follow.
  • You respond to comments and messages that are posted to your page or come into your inbox (and you respond in a timely manner).
  • You keep up with social media trends and use social media features to your advantage, like hashtags, stories and paid advertising.

Comparing our two lists, there’s a clear difference between having a social media account vs. using a social media account. Having one means you are essentially just “on” social media, existing but not engagin. Using your account means you are consistently devoting time and effort to showcasing your brand on social media and in turn building brand loyalty.

Tomorrow is #SocialMediaDay

Fitting for this topic—tomorrow, June 30, 2020 is #SocialMediaDay! Social Media Day was established in 2010 as an acknowledgement of how social media has changed the way we interact and consume information on an everyday basis. Post to your favorite platforms tomorrow using #SocialMediaDay!


Having a social media account vs. using a social media account can mirror the difference between stagnant digital marketing efforts and advertising momentum on social media. Actively using social media does take time, and if it’s time you don’t have—we’re happy to take charge!

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