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Why Sharing Personal Content to Your Business Pages Pays Off

They say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. On social media, however, the line between the two has the opportunity to get a bit more muddled. Sharing personal content to your business pages is something we encourage our clients to do. The interaction we see from these “personal posts” as compared to the more sales-driven content is typically higher, and in turn that drives more traffic to your social media pages. It also helps to instill a sense of trust in your business. Giving a glimpse into your personal life is a way for people to feel more connected with you and acknowledge a face behind the brand.

We know you’re thinking: “I don’t want strangers knowing about my personal life.” But don’t worry! There are some very subtle ways you can show your social media audience the “behind the scenes” of your life and business without divulging things that would make you uncomfortable.

What do you mean by personal?

Again, by “personal” we don’t mean sharing your inner fears and darkest secrets. (And really, you probably shouldn’t do that on your business page even if you wanted to.)

But here’s an example. McNutt & Partners is the name of our brand and therefore the name of our business’ social media pages.

However, if our founder, John McNutt, shared a post about where he’s traveling to see a client this week, that would be an example of the type of “personal” post we’re talking about. This is content either portraying and/or being presented “in the voice” of a real human being that represents your company. We’ll share a few more ideas for personal posts later on.

Why sharing personal content to your business page is important

A small effort to share some behind-the-scenes content to your brand’s social media can have big payoffs. Here are some of the benefits of sharing personal content to your business page.

It helps you better connect with your online audience.

Communicating behind computer screens is enough to make the lot of us feel a bit detached at times. Sharing a personal post—one that shows your face, uses your name, comes from your point of view—will allow followers to establish a stronger connection with your brand. It expresses a bit of vulnerability, which people will appreciate. Your customers will see that there’s a real human being behind your business name and logo that they can relate to.

It tends to lead to higher engagement.

In our experience, social content with a personal spin yields exponentially higher engagement (likes, comments, shares) than content with a sales approach. That goes back to people wanting to relate to your brand on a human level. This benefits you from a business standpoint because the more engagement on your page, the more apt your posts are to show up in your followers’ news feeds.

It enhances the quality of your content.

Bottom line—you don’t want your business social media pages to be boring. Sharing what we categorize as “personal” content simply makes things more fun—for you and your followers.

A few quick examples

Here are a few other ideas for sharing personal content to your business page

  • Share what you’re working on
  • Talk about where you’re traveling
  • Do an employee spotlight
  • Divulge a quick tip
  • Talk about how you got started in the business
  • Share pictures of an employee outing
  • Celebrate awards and accolades
  • Make your holiday posts personal


No one is all business all the time—nor should they be! However, in sharing personal content to your business page, you are actually making a smart business decision in terms of the appeal of your social media marketing.

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