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Brainstorming: Types of Content to Post During COVID-19

Most of us are home-bound, limiting our connection to the outside world to that of our digital screens. As a business, you still want to maintain communication with your followers during this time via digital means like social media and email; however, the type of content you are putting out there will likely have to adapt. To help, we’ve brainstormed a few different types of content to post during COVID-19.

Updates to your business operations

Before anything else, make sure you are communicating to your digital audiences any changes in the way your business is operating during the COVID-19 crisis. This could include changes in hours/days of operation or changes in how you’re serving your customers. For example, if you’d rather customers wait in their cars and call you when they arrive for curbside pickup, posting to social media is a great way to get the word out.

Informational—about the virus

We can’t stress enough right now the importance of staying home and washing your hands. Though you may think this information is a given at this point, subtle reminders can always help. In addition to posting general helpful information about preventing the spread of COVID-19, you can also relate your helpful hints to your industry. For example, if you are an eye clinic, you might post content regarding eye safety and COVID-19.

Informational—about your business

With our physical reach limited as consumers, now is the ideal time for businesses to share some personal, quality content about themselves. In other words, not every post to social media has to be a sales pitch. While we all have some down time, share some fun facts about your business, post employee spotlights or even just record a video of you talking about how your day is going. Your customers will appreciate the personal sense of connection it conveys.


Among our ideas for types of content to post during COVID-19—something that provides a little distraction. The majority of our news feeds right now is coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus. How about diluting that with something fun? Again, this can be related to your business (an employee talking about the new recipe they cooked last night) or a random fun fact (Did you know that a whale’s tongue weighs more than an elephant?) We could all use the distraction.


Just like we could all use a distraction, we could also all use some encouragement. Times are tough (understatement of the year). We can’t go where we want to go or see who we want to see, not to mention COVID-19 as a health-threat itself. Use the power of your business’ social media page to post content that will help people feel that they are not alone. A motivational quote, a story that will make someone smile, or even just a personal accomplishment—spread positivity with content like this.


In times of crisis, community unity shines stronger than ever. Use your business’ digital platforms to support your fellow local businesses and share good things happening in your community. You could simply share another page’s post, give a shout-out to an organization doing great things or provide resources that will benefit those who live in your area.


Unless you are an essential business, you can’t exactly invite people to come browse your new products or dine-in with your updated menu during this global pandemic. With these types of content to post during COVID-19, you can provide value to your followers while maintaining an active presence on your digital platforms.

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