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7 Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

We’re nine days into 2023. How’s your year going so far? It may be too early to tell, but that means it’s also still early enough to set up some realistic goals (and maybe even some far-reaching ones). If marketing is on your agenda this year, take note: we’ve outlined a few places where you could start. Check out our marketing New Year’s resolutions for 2023.

In 2023, I resolve to:

Strengthen my social media presence.

Whether you’re a blank slate when it comes to using social media for your business, or you’re already pretty well-established, there’s always room for improvement. Start a presence on a platform you haven’t been on previously. Ramp up your posting on platforms you are already using. Increase your engagement with other social media users as your branded page. We could go on, and we’re happy to advise!

Check my brand aesthetic for consistency.

Is your brand aesthetic consistent? Or, for example, do you have an old version of your logo on your business cards and a new logo on your storefront signage? We’re all about maintaining consistency when it comes to your brand’s visual appearance. A great way to ensure consistency is to establish a brand style guide, or update your current one to make sure it matches your 2023 goals.

Audit my website.

Continuing our marketing New Year’s resolutions for 2023—shift the focus to your website. Is it time for a refresh? Resolve to audit your website this year to determine where you can make improvements. Examine copy and photos to make sure they are still relevant, ensure your hours of operation are correct and check that your contact form is directing information where it should. These are just a few website auditing tasks to get you started!

Ask for help when I need it.

Running a business is hard. Don’t try to do it all! If you realize you are falling short when it comes to your marketing goals, it may be time to enlist some help. That’s where we come in!

Communicate well with my marketing team.

As a marketing agency, we are here to serve our clients. What we ask in return is that we maintain open lines of communication! Doing so benefits both parties and ensures that you, as a client, get better results. Read more in our blog, “How to Work Well With Your Digital Marketing Agency.”

Understand that marketing success isn’t always immediate.

Sometimes good things take time. Resolve in 2023 to understand that seeing your marketing efforts pay off often involves a time investment—from a few weeks to even a few months. Things can happen immediately, but more often than not, the big results happen over time.

Try something new that could benefit my brand!

Here’s an exciting one among our marketing New Year’s resolutions for 2023. Resolve to try something new! Have you been thinking about doing more video? Putting up an outdoor board? Setting up Google ads? Don’t get stuck in a marketing box. Throw something new into the marketing mix this year!


Whether you follow these resolutions closely or come up with your own, extending your New Year’s resolutions to your business’ marketing efforts only serves to benefit your brand in the long run. Here’s to a successful 2023!

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