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The Benefits of Maintaining Brand Consistency

Cultivating a consistent overall image for your brand is critical to ensuring recognition among your consumers. We live in a visual world, and making sure your business has a defined graphic presence will help you when it comes to attracting and maintaining customers. The benefits of maintaining brand consistency can be significant for your business’ growth and success.

What does brand consistency mean? You need to make sure that your graphic identity appears the same across all platforms that you use to visually represent your business—whether it is via a logo, website or social media photos and graphics. If you have a logo on your website, it should match the logo on your Facebook profile. If you use blue and orange as your brand’s “colors” on your video graphics, you should not then use green and purple on your web sliders. Every graphic element that is connected to your business should be consistent across the board.

We have had clients come to us whose visual identity was all over the place. All this does is confuse a viewer, reader or website visitor—in other words, a potential client. And when people get confused, they tend to want to jump ship.

When clients are viewing your social media graphics or picking up your direct mail piece, there should be some visual element that ties to your other marketing material. If it is the first contact the potential client has had with your brand, then he or she will be able to recognize it the next time your brand comes into view. If it is a client who has seen your brand elsewhere before, then he or she will be better able to make that connection and instill your brand into memory.

This is not to say that you can’t switch things up from time to time, but when you do, you should either keep changes subtle, or let customers know that you plan to do an overhaul with a “new look.” You can make it exciting to customers by building up to a “reveal” of your newly-designed website that shows off your new logo, for example.

Maintaining brand consistency is where having a competent marketing agency working on your side comes in handy. Your agency can help you streamline your visual assets so that they are consistent and assist you with any changes you would like to make down the road.

At McNutt & Partners, we make it a point to prioritize brand consistency for all of our clients! If you need help getting your visual assets in order, contact us today. Visit



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