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The Benefits of Using Social Media to Improve Your Customer Service

Any successful business owner knows customer service is of utmost importance. After all, if your customers aren’t happy, then your business might not be a business for long! We’ve talked before about social media as a relatively new customer service medium. Now, we’ll touch on exactly why it’s such a good means to promote positive client interactions. Using social media to improve your customer service is a no-brainer when you consider these benefits!

The benefits of using social media to improve your customer service


Social media gives you a direct line to your clientele. Rather than a roadside sign casting a message into the void, social media allows your business to talk directly to individuals, even addressing them by name if desired.


Customer interactions on social media can happen immediately. In fact, responding quickly to social media comments and messages works in your favor as a business page—and is good customer service in general. Social media networks like Facebook even rate business pages’ response times and present them publicly on the pages.

Promotes engagement

Similar to how social platforms favor pages with quick response times, they favor pages that engage consistently and often with their page followers. When using social media to improve your customer service, it comes with the added benefit of racking up engagement points for your page.

Others see it too

What’s posted on social media is there for all to see. That includes your awesome customer service efforts! Page followers (and potentials) will take notice of your positive public interactions with others. Seeing that you’re a business that is responsive and helpful will help them to form a complimentary opinion of your brand.

Instills a sense of trust

The core of cultivating good customer service (on social media or anywhere) is to make people feel good about their interactions with your brand. If you’re taking the time to address your customers and be responsive to their inquiries on social media, it just further instills their trust in your brand and its ability to meet their needs.


Bottom line: if your business has a presence on social media, you should be taking customer service into consideration when using it. If not for the reasons listed above, just do it for the sake of being professional! Need help navigating customer service on social media? We’d be happy to!

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