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How to Make Outdated Blog Content Relevant Again

Fresh industry stats. The latest company updates. A groundbreaking discovery in your field. Whatever it is you are highlighting on your brand’s blog, the goal is to always provide useful information and a fresh perspective. After all, rehashing stale content that has been told time and time again doesn’t get you very far with your audience nor in terms of SEO. With the extremely fast pace of the internet, however, a blog that is fresh today can quickly become irrelevant tomorrow. The challenge then becomes how to make outdated blog content relevant again.

Post an update on an old blog.

You’ve likely seen news organizations doing this. As a story develops and new information comes in, they post timestamps or “Updated (insert date and time here)” above the original copy to show exactly when it’s been updated and what information is the most recent.

Your blog may not require multiple time stamped updates, but if there is something you posted a few months to a year ago, and the information has since changed, you can always add a block of text labeled “Update” above or below the original that explains the new info.

Change the existing blog.

Instead of leaving the original blog in tact and posting an update before or after, you can also make an outdated blog relevant again by actually changing the original copy of the blog to reflect current information. If you do this, you’ll want to add an “Updated May 2022” disclaimer at the top below the headline to let readers know the blog copy has changed.

Write an entire new blog.

Is that 2017 blog so outdated that even a quick update can’t help it? It maybe a good idea to write a new, separate blog on the topic entirely. Writing a new blog doesn’t mean you have to delete the original. In fact, for SEO purposes, you probably shouldn’t. Instead, link back to the old blog in the new blog and reference “our previous blog on the topic.” You can explain what’s changed since then in the new copy.

Reshare the blog on social media with a fresh caption.

Let’s move from the back end of your website to your social pages. Another way to make outdated blog content relevant again (that takes minimal effort) involves resharing the original blog. Then, in the caption for your post, you’ll give a quick update. For example: “Since we posted this blog in 2017, we’ve added more than 20 people to our staff and opened two additional locations!” Then, when readers read the originalblog, they’ll see how far you’ve come!


The pace of the internet can be overwhelming to keep up with. Ensuring that your brand is conveying the most up-to-date, relevant content on your digital channels is understandably a chore. Make outdated blog content relevant again by using these tips, and if all else fails, we’re here to help!

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