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5 Ways for Your Business to Start a Conversation on Social Media

You’ve set up social media pages for your business. Great news! So…now what? When crafting effective messaging for your branded social media pages, you don’t want to feel like you’re just shouting into a void. Social media is a two-way street—an opportunity for dialogue, interaction and engagement. Sometimes it’s up to you to strike up a conversation! Here are a few ways for your business to start a conversation on social media.

Bring up a relevant topic and ask your followers’ opinions.

A great way to get followers engaged on your business’ social pages is to ask their opinion on something. Bring up a topic relevant to your business or industry, and ask people how they feel about it. It doesn’t have to be controversial (in fact, it probably shouldn’t be). For example—if you’re a real estate agent, you could pick a current home design trend and ask people to vote “yay” or “nay.” Simple!

Poll your followers about your business.

Now take that same idea, and turn it into a poll about your business itself. Everyone loves a poll! Ask people which products they like/dislike, which products or services they would like to see you offer that you don’t currently offer, which hours/days they prefer you being open, etc. Not only does this start a conversation for social media engagement, but it will give you valuable insight into how customers feel about various aspects of your business.

Comment on local happenings or events.

We’ve talked before about how being a resource for community content can be a great angle to attract followers to your branded social pages. Use this same information to start a conversation! Is the city council voting on the approval of a new commercial development? Or maybe your town just announced a new “Food Truck Friday” event that will be happening in your downtown area. Share the facts, and then strike up a dialogue to see how people are feeling about it.

Keep content personal.

Sharing personal content to your social pages pays off! This is one of the ways for your business to start a conversation on social media that is easy to do. The engagement we see from social media posts that feature “personal” content is always much higher than more sales-driven content.

No, you don’t have to get TOO personal. Share a photo for an employee’s birthday, announce a professional achievement, or even just post a selfie of next to your new merchandise.  It’s that easy! People will be more inclined to comment on these types of posts. You respond, and BAM! You’ve started a dialogue.

Personal content not just applies to you and your staff, but to your followers themselves. Going back to our real estate example, if a buyer has just closed on a home—share a picture of the happy homeowners (given their permission, of course). Social media users want to see people they know, or even people they don’t know but who are members of their community/circle of interests.

Answer questions.

What questions do you get asked over and over in the day-to-day operations of your business? Start a conversation on social media by providing answers to those FAQs. A post where you answer an FAQ may lead to more questions in the comments.


If you’re looking for ways for your business to start a conversation on social media, start with what you know! After all, you’re the expert on your brand and the product you’re offering. Just remember that a social media marketing strategy is nothing without engagement!

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