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5 Times Less Is More When It Comes to Marketing Copy

You’ve heard the saying, “Less is more.” It applies in a variety of contexts—when doing a little may be better than going over the top. But how relevant is it in marketing? Very. You may have also heard the saying “People don’t read; they scan.” It’s true! Keeping this in mind, here are five times when less is more when it comes to marketing copy.


Headlines for digital content often bode better when they stay under a certain character length. This is not only for SEO purposes, but also, who wants to read a super-wordy headline? If your followers are getting tripped up on a verbose headline before even getting to the main content, chances are they might not make it there.

Most social posts

There’s a time and a place for long, drawn out social post copy. A heartfelt goodbye to a dear staff member. An explanation of a change regarding your business. But for your everyday, run-of-the-mill social content, we tend to think less is more. The graphic or video is the star of the show, and the copy is the supporting actor.

Digital ads

Attention-grabbers need to be brief, because let’s face it: people have short attention spans. When scrolling through pages of digital content, your ads are more likely to get noticed if you keep the copy short and sweet.


Another time when less is more when it comes to marketing copy involves taglines. By nature, taglines should be kept short because they are often used in places with limited “real estate,” such as alongside a logo, on signage or on promotional materials.


Finally, let’s talk calls-to-action. A call-to-action should be concise and to-the-point, but clear and powerful. “Apply now.” “Sign up today.” “Book your appointment.” All are brief, and all are clearly stating the action you want your brand followers to take.

When “more” is more  

There are times where lengthier copy will benefit you when it comes to your marketing content. This is generally when it comes to longer-form content like blogs and website copy. Search engines like a selection of words on a page in order to detect keywords they can associate your content with.

In a “nutt” shell

There are times when less is more when it comes to marketing copy, and the purpose behind that is generally to ensure your message doesn’t get muddled with an excess of text.

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