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5 Copywriting Trends To Know in 2024

In a world where AI is thriving, a good way to help your brand and message stand out boils down to one common theme: keep it human. With these five copywriting trends to know in 2024 in your wheelhouse, your copy can go from “meh” to memorable. 

Personalize the customer experience. 

Go beyond a mass email with your loyal customer’s name in the greeting. Craft tailor-made messages for specific groups, such as existing customers, new customers and potential customers, instead of sending one blanket message.

Write copy that engages, identifies and addresses the target audience’s journey with your brand. For example, create a separate landing page for each customer base, even if it is for the same offer. 

Authentic copy means more. 

Here is one of the copywriting trends to know in 2024 that sets the human tone apart from AI. Copy should show you understand what your customer is missing in their life and demonstrate how your products or services can help. 

According to Psychology Today, more than 70% of consumers spend more with brands they find to be genuine, transparent and consistent. 

Share stories. 

Along with being authentic, connect with your audience by sharing stories. Write narratives they can relate to. Talk about challenges you face and success stories, and share your customers’ accounts too. 

Be emotional. 

We are not talking about bringing out the Kleenex for the waterworks, but rather copy that sparks an emotional response. Word choice is central to emotional writing. What you say can resonate and humanize your brand, creating a meaningful connection with your audience that inspires loyalty. 

Attention-grabbing headlines and openings. 

There is no time to waste! Grab a potential customer’s attention immediately with a strong headline and opening. Try crafting headlines that pose a question, adding numbers when applicable or using emotional language while remembering to keep headlines short. A good rule of thumb for headlines is five to seven words. 

And once you hook them with a catchy headline, stay strong with a solid opening that gets right to the point and offers compelling benefits from the start. 

In a “nutt” shell

Do these copywriting trends suddenly have you at a loss for words? No worries. That is what we are here for. We can apply these top copywriting trends to know in 2024 to your business and help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level.

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