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Why Your Page Content Matters When Running Social Media Ads

Social media is a relatively new medium for advertising that has already proven its effectiveness for marketers. It’s immediate, it’s trackable, and it’s comparatively pretty cost-efficient to some other marketing options. Setting up a social media ad and pressing “go” is not all there is to it, however. It goes hand-in-hand with maintaining an attractive social media page filled with appealing content. We’re here to explain exactly why your page content matters when running social media ads.

Your ad invites people back to your page.

Social media ads can appear in many different placements on a social site, from the main timeline, to stories, to sidebars and more. Despite where someone first comes into contact with your ad, it will likely cause them to click back to your main page, a.k.a., home base, for more information.  That’s one of the main reasons your page content matters when running social media ads.

You wouldn’t run a print ad showcasing your website if your website was broken. You wouldn’t invite people to come to your storefront if your storefront was closed or in disrepair. It’s the same concept here. Since your social media ad links back to your main page, it should be in top shape for page visitors.

It’s all connected, despite ad objectives.

Speaking of linking, keep in mind that social media ads can have different objectives (set by the ad creator). Some involve driving website traffic. Others are related to social page awareness. Even if the prescribed goal of the ad is not to send people to your social page (which would be under the umbrella of page awareness), your page name appears in a clickable form on that social media ad regardless.

Even if someone ends up on your website as a result of the ad, your website (ideally) links back to your social pages. It’s all connected!

Maintaining an attractive page

So what matters when it comes to page content? Basically, we’re talking about maintaining an attractive, active page. A few items this should include:

  • Making sure your profile picture and cover images are appropriate for and relevant to your brand.
  • Ensuring that all page info (i.e. hours, address, website, page categories etc.) is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Keeping up with a consistent content posting schedule.
  • Establishing an aesthetic for your content that aligns with your brand standards.
  • Posting timely, relevant, engaging and helpful page content for your intended audience.

To sum it up, you don’t want to send the people on the viewing end of your ad to a page that has no content, isn’t on brand and doesn’t make sense for them.


Your social media presence is an entire package that includes your page, page content, engagement, ads and more. Neglecting one of these categories affects all the others!

Do you know your page content matters when running social media ads, but don’t have time to keep up with it? That’s where we come in!

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