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The Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses, especially when it comes to expanding brand presence and reach. From showcasing products and services to interacting with audience members and potential clients, here is your complete guide to Instagram marketing.

Instagram feed 

The Instagram home page, or “feed,” is the landing page for each profile when opening the app and where you will see the posts from the profiles you follow.

But how can that benefit your business? By having a page for your audience to follow, they can see and interact with the content you post, such as services, products, updates and news. Plus, you can now poll your audience in the comment section of your posts! This allows for good feedback. 


One of the key elements of this guide to Instagram marketing is Instagram Stories and all of its features. On your “story,” you can post videos and photos and repost things such as posts and reels.

Stories also allow you to add links, which you cannot do on main feed posts. This directs your followers to a desired destination, whether it be a certain product, your website, a blog and so forth. And don’t forget to take advantage of the polls and quizzes feature!


Congratulations! You just posted a story, but after 24 hours, it will disappear. Unless you create and save it in a story highlight. A highlight allows you to keep notable stories pinned at the top of your profile for easy access.

Reels and lives

Instagram’s reel feature allows you to post and create short videos for your followers to enjoy. Content can include highlighting your business, giving a behind-the-scenes look and more! You can even use reel templates for user-friendly video tools such as automatic clipping.

Instagram shopping  

Product tags are an easy way for retailers to showcase their products online and for consumers to buy those items directly. Which users can do with the help of Instagram checkout!

In a “nutt” shell

Of course, this complete guide to Instagram marketing would not be complete without mentioning how easy it is for your audience members to connect with you through direct messages. From asking questions and finding answers to giving feedback, Instagram marketing can be beneficial for your business, and we can help!

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