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Marketing Defined: Using Transition Words for SEO

We always reiterate the fact that consistently-posted, fresh content is one of the major keys to achieving profitable SEO results. This includes your blog posts. While you could just go slap some words on a page and call it a day, paying attention to the details of how your content is structured will actually put you in a better position to yield the outcomes you’re looking for. In blog writing, transition words are one of those details to pay attention to. Using transition words for SEO is a simple way to make the hypothetical search engine gods happy.

What are transition words?

Put simply, transition words are words or phrases that show a connection or relationship between two thoughts. They serve to show relationships like cause and effect, clarification, contrast, example, emphasis, conclusion and more. Examples of transition words include:

  • For example
  • For instance
  • Therefore
  • In other words
  • In addition
  • As a result
  • To clarify
  • Above all
  • Moreover
  • But, however and so

For more transition words examples, click here.

Why are they beneficial for SEO?

Search engines like text that is easy to read and understand. Using transition words for SEO helps in achieving readability, which puts your content in a better position to be found in online searches.

Not only do transition words help search engines better understand your blog text, but they act as breaks, pauses and clarifiers to provide better structure for the human readers of your content.

Using transition words for SEO

Using transition words for SEO is not difficult. It really comes down to knowing what the words are (see our examples and link to more above), and how many you should use in any given amount of text.

Once you have a few of the transition words in your repertoire (or you have a list in front of you), start regularly incorporating them into your blog copy. Don’t just use them to use them, however. Make sure the places you are using them make sense. Let’s use the transition word “therefore” as an example.

You would say:

I am hungry. Therefore, I ordered a cheeseburger.

You wouldn’t say:

I am hungry. Therefore, I threw away my food.

Pretty simple, right? Don’t throw transition words in just for the sake of doing so. Make sure they make sense! This goes back to our writing lessons of elementary school.

In terms of how often to use transition words in your text, we use a WordPress plugin for ourselves and our clients called Yoast SEO. If your copy needs more transition words, Yoast will let you know! When you’ve reached a sufficient number, you get a satisfying green “check” of approval.


Using transition words for SEO is yet another strategy you can use you give your digital content a better chance of being seen rather than getting lost in the shuffle. Rather not have to worry about transition words yourself? We’d be happy to handle it!

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