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How to Know If a Social Network Is Not Working for Your Business

It’s something we’ve mentioned before: not every social network is right for your business, and that’s OK! But how do you determine if a social platform is proving effective in terms of your marketing efforts? Here, we’ve outlined a few ways to know if a social network is not working for your business.

You have low page/post engagement despite your best efforts.

You’re working on a consistent posting schedule. You’re sharing relevant, quality content. You’ve cross-promoted your page. Yet, you’re not getting a lot of interaction on your page. This may be an indicator that a social network is not working for your business.

If your follower counts are low, your engagement is lacking and your overall page activity is limited despite your best efforts to attract page followers, it may be time to reconsider the social platform you’re using.

The social network’s community doesn’t “feel” like your audience.

When using social media for marketing, you want to be in a space where your target demographic is already spending its time. Thus, if you suspect a network is not home to your target demographic, then it may not be somewhere your business wants to invest its time.

For example, perhaps you’re using a social network, and you start noticing that its fellow users seem to be older or younger than your intended customer base. Or, the users on the social network seem to be geared toward specific topics or interests that are not relevant to your business. It’s important to gauge whether or not the people you’re sharing social media content with are the people that will most likely patronize your business.

Customers tell you they are not using that social platform.

Get direct feedback from your customers! Ask them if they are using Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram…you get the idea. Of course,you shouldn’t judge off if a social network is not working for your business off one answer; but, if enough of your customers tell you it’s not a social network they are using or plan on using, then you may want to reconsider using it as a marketing medium.

Ad metrics are not showing significant results.

The numbers don’t lie. If you’re running ads on a social network, and the metrics are not reflecting the results you’d liketo see, then it may be time to shift focus to ads on another digital platform.

Need help interpreting social media ad results? Let us know!

You don’t enjoy it.

Social media marketing shouldn’t be a burden. In fact—call us biased—but it may actually be fun at times! So, if you’re dreading logging on to Twitter, for example, it’s likely that your “best efforts” on the platform won’t actually be your best. If you enjoy using a particular social media network to market your business, chances are you the time you spend on it will be more fruitful.


Assessing whether a social network is not working for your business is just another step in doing your due diligence to measure your marketing efforts. While we do think having a presence on multiple social networks is important as a business, it’s OK to shift your focus where you will yield the best results.

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