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What Happens First When You Become a McNutt & Partners Client

In any new situation you enter, it can help if you know exactly what you are getting into ahead of time. At McNutt & Partners, there is a standard process we follow with every new client we start working with in an effort to outline their marketing needs and formulate a plan of action to address those needs. When you become a McNutt & Partners client, we see it as the start of a collaborative opportunity to combine our brand-promoting skills and your existing brand assets to enhance your business identity.

When you become a McNutt & Partners client, here is the initial process that we will take you through to get to know your business—and the objectives you have for it.

  • We take stock of your current marketing efforts. If we know what you already have going in the way of marketing, it can help us determine what we can do to help you. This step in the process involves identifying your existing marketing assets in the categories of digital, print and television/radio.
  • We ask you what has been working—and what hasn’t. We will ask you what has been successful in terms of your past marketing initiatives and what ended up falling short. If something has been unsuccessful, it may mean that that particular strategy is not right for your business, or that it needs to be approached in a different way. If something has been working, then we can look at how we can take it to the next level to augment that success.
  • We take inventory of your current web assets. Our team will look at your websites, social media accounts, analytics, mailing lists and any other online presence your business maintains. We will use this information to make suggestions for how you can strengthen your digital presence and organize your online assets.
  • We discuss your goals. What specific goals do you have for your business in terms of brand development and/or the expansion of your customer base? Do your goals involve increasing your social media following? Creating a more engaging website? Climbing the search engine rankings? Connecting your business to innovative marketing technology like augmented reality? We want to know the answers to these questions.
  • We formulate a plan of action. Based on your responses to the above, our team will create a custom action plan for your business. The purpose of the plan is to illustrate how we will help you achieve the marketing goals that you outlined to us.
  • We establish a point of contact. Making sure we have a reliable point of contact on the client side is critical to establishing a consistent line of communication to carry out action items successfully. This person needs to be readily available to answer questions, approve blogs and other materials and provide business-related information as requested. Conversely, we will make sure you are connected with the appropriate point of contact on our side who will be available to respond to your concerns and needs.
  • We address your most immediate needs—and then take steps toward implementing the overall plan. We will put the necessary pieces in place to launch your marketing action plan. This includes obtaining access credentials for your website, existing social media accounts and other web assets, setting up any social media accounts you are lacking and designing a logo and/or custom web graphics, if needed. After that, we’ll get started!

As your full-service digital marketing agency, our mission is to help you grow your business by establishing a productive working relationship and using positive communication, shared knowledge and constructive feedback to achieve your goals. To learn more about what we can do for you, check out our services or reach out to us via our contact page!


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