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Blogging Tips: 7 Ways to Spice Up a Bland Blog

At its core, blogging is text on a web page. But it has the opportunity to be so much more than that. A way to communicate with your brand followers. A platform to make a dent in your SEO. Even as a space to express your own creativity (while staying relevant to your brand). Getting in the rhythm of regular blogging is great, but as we all know sometimes routines get dull. These blogging tips serve to help freshen up seemingly stale blog content and in turn ignite interest in your brand.

Flush the format

Title. Intro. Paragraph. Paragraph. Paragraph. Outro. (Repeat). It can get pretty boring, right? Shake up your blog’s format a bit by playing around with different headers and subheads, bulleted lists, pull quotes and more. Breaking up long chunks of text with these elements is also drops in your SEO bucket, as search engines favor blogs that are easier to read.

Have fun with a photo slideshow

People like pictures. So why not give them more? Give your bland blog some life with a photo slideshow. This can be especially effective if you’re featuring a countdown or “top 10” list.

Employ infographics

Again, web users are highly visual, meaning they are attracted to things like engaging colors, familiar shapes and telling typeface. Creating original infographics for your blog is an effective way to encourage reader interest. Original infographics can also get use beyond your blog by displaying them on other platforms like social media or sending them in your email blasts.

Invest in video

By 2022, online video is expected to make up more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic. According to HubSpot, 78 percent of people watch online videos every week, and 55 percent watch them every day. The bottom line? Video is a big deal. Adding a quick video to your blog can not only garner visual interest for your existing followers, but it can score you points in terms of driving new readers to your blog page.

Opt for original content

Rather than regurgitating what’s already been said, spice up your blog by incorporating some truly original content. This could be facts and figures from your own research, a custom infographic like we mentioned above or even just a novel thought or topic that you haven’t seen previously discussed. The more unique, quality content your blog generates, the better chance you have to stand out in search.

Try a personal topic

Expanding on original content, our blogging tips for spicing up a bland blog include going in a different direction with your blog altogether, even if it’s just temporary. For example, say you are an outdoor store, and your blog typically sticks to gardening and grass mowing tips. Maybe switch it up one month and do a blog about your employees’ favorite yard tools. Or, if there’s a holiday coming up, it could be about their favorite holiday traditions. Though it might require a bit more work on the front end, readers will appreciate this personal touch.

Never neglect SEO

Paying attention to SEO should be a staple when it comes to maintaining an effective blog, so it’s certainly worth mentioning here. Linking to relevant past content, using keywords and adding alt-text to your images are all simple ways to add points to your SEO scorecard.


Don’t let your blogging get mundane. If you feel that you’re stuck in a rut, use these blogging tips to keep your blog engaging—both for yourself and your readers!

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