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Blog Longevity: How Blogs Keep Helping Long After They Post

How do you feel when you hear the word “blog”? Excited? Intrigued? Intimidated? Blogging has been on the map as an effective platform for creating digital content for some time now; however, every now and then it’s a good idea to check in with the tried and true. Are blogs still relevant? Here, we’ll explore not only why they are still very much relevant in terms of cultivating a following and SEO fodder, but also how blogs keep helping long after they post.

A quick recap of why we blog

Blogging serves a twofold purpose for brands. For one, it serves as a means of communicating and sharing content with your audience. This gives you the opportunity to attract and maintain brand followers, which hopefully translates to consumers and sales.

On the other hand, blogging is also one among many tools in your SEO toolbox. Search engines need content to associate your brand with in a digital context in order for you to have a chance of ranking in a search. With its longer format, the blog offers a space to place keywords that you want to associate with your business online.

Blogs keep helping long after they post…

…and we have proof.

But we’ll get to that in a minute. First let’s explain exactly how a blog that has been posted for a while can continue contributing to positive digital marketing efforts.

Think of a blog as an entry into your library of digital content. The items in the library are accessible at any time after they are created. In theory, the way we want it to work is as follows:

  • Someone searches for a phrase in Google.
  • The phrase correlates to keywords in your blog, so it pops up in search.
  • The searcher clicks on your blog, driving traffic to your website and creating brand awareness.
  • The searcher shares your blog with others, and comes back to your website for additional content.

Unlike a fleeting form of digital content like an Instagram story, once you post a blog, it’s out there in the universe until you take it down. It’s available for people and search engines to access over, and over, and over.

Real life examples

We promised examples of how blogs keep helping long after they post. These blogs among our clients were top performers in March 2021, though each was posted well before that.

“10 Fun Facts About Japanese Maples,” May 26, 2020

This blog about Japanese maples from Crooked Oaks is still going strong with 107 page views in March 2021.

“Fence Height: How Tall Should I Build My Fence?” October 7, 2019

Who knew fence height could cause such a buzz? This 2019 blog from Turner Fence had 316 page views in March 2021.

“6 Famous Musicians from Macon, Georgia,” April 29, 2020

With a solid 62 page views in March 2021, this blog from Summer Park Apartments in Macon, Georgia still has us singing its praises.

“5 Traditions from Troy University,” October 17, 2019

A year-and-a-half later, this traditional blog from Troy Alabama Apartment Homes saw 72 page views in March 2021.

A Guide to Common Grass Types in the South,” March 22, 2019

This blog’s page view count grew just as fast as summer grass! The Leakesville Small Engines blog had 498 page views in March 2021.

“4 Steps to Take if Your Instagram Account Is Disabled,” August 26, 2019

Time to toot our own horn a little. In March 2021, our blog from a year-and-a-half ago saw a solid 103 page views.

“Burst Blood Vessels in the Eye: When to See a Doctor,” August 19, 2020

Now for the big winner. This Mississippi Eye Care blog had 5,756 page views in March 2021 alone!

Don’t delete your blog!

A note of caution—don’t delete your blog! Even if your blog is inactive for a period of time, it’s still out there doing work (as our examples prove). Take the time you need, and then get back to posting when you can (or rely on an agency to help).


Your blogs keep helping long after they post by contributing to both brand awareness and SEO efforts. It’s just another reason to add blogging to your digital marketing routine!

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