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7 Tips for Combating Camera Shyness on Social Media

A fear of being on camera is one of the most common aversions known to man. Ironically, when it comes to social media content, images and videos featuring “real” people (i.e. the business owner, staff and customers) are the best-received. This puts us at a bit of a crossroads. Making a video post featuring yourself for your business can be intimidating, but these tips for combating camera shyness on social media are here to help.

Why you should put yourself out there

We cannot stress enough the importance of building a human connection with your brand followers (re: “Why Sharing Personal Content to Your Business Page Pays Off”).

Consumers want to meet the face behind the logo. They want to see the humans behind the products. And they want to hear the story behind the business as a whole. As followers of your brand, they deserve to be privy to this information. Build that trust and make them feel connected!

Unless your brand is big enough to speak for itself, it needs your personal voice to do so. Start with these tips.

Tips for combating camera shyness on social media 

Plan out what you want to say ahead of time

Some people are masters at freelancing a speech, but most of us aren’t. Write a short script or list of bullet points ahead of making your social media video—and practice. There’s also no shame in using a teleprompter or cue cards. Everyone on TV does it!

Choose a setting where you are comfortable.

No one said you have to be broadcasting from a crowded street corner. If you are in a comfortable setting while recording your social media video, you’ll come across as more relaxed on camera. Think of places like your desk, your couch, your kitchen—even your car!

Pay attention to personal appearance

If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you’ll sound more confident on camera. We’re not telling you that you have to dress up. Wear what makes you feel comfortable!

Position the camera at a flattering angle

Now that you’ve got your appearance handled, it’s up to the technology to make you look good. Position your smartphone or webcam at a flattering angle, like above you and angled down, or right above your line of sight. In addition, make sure you’re setting up in an area with good lighting.

Know that it’s OK to do multiple takes

Unless you’re doing a Facebook or Instagram live video, keep in mind that multiple takes are an option. It’s rare that anyone gets it just perfect on the first run.

Get a friend or family member to help

Combating camera shyness on social media could be as easy as asking a friend to help. You might feel better having someone in the room who you are already comfortable with. Pretend you are just talking to that person, or even get him or her to join you on camera!

Make it a regular thing

The more you do it, the easier it will get! Get into a regular schedule of recording yourself or your staff in social videos. Start with doing it once a month, then increase to a couple times a month, once a week, etc.


Putting yourself on camera can be admittedly unsettling; however the payoff of building a social following for your business that connects with you on a human level is worth feeling a little awkward. When it comes down to it, there is no replacement for a familiar face!

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