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7 Things to Consider When Starting Your Logo From Scratch

Your logo is a tangible form of your brand identity. It’s there for people to recognize, connect with and remember. Sometimes clients come to us in need of a logo, and they have a library of ideas—about color, visual elements and so on. However, sometimes clients come to us in need of a logo, and they have no idea where to start or what they want it to look like. For those who fall into the latter category, here are some things to consider when starting your logo from scratch.


Color (or lack of color) is one significant consideration when designing a logo. Colors can signify and evoke many different emotions, ideas and concepts—so you want to choose a color or color combo that aligns with your brand identity. From primary colors to supporting colors, a logo can speak volumes with its hues alone.


Is your logo mostly (or all) text? Or is it predominately icon-based? Maybe it’s an equal balance of both? Think about any iconography you’d like in your logo—from more abstract elements to recognizable imagery that pertains to your business.

What your business does

Speaking of “pertains to your business,” what exactly does your business do? Having a clear idea of your brand products and services and communicating that to your graphic design team is critical in initial logo design. You want your logo to represent your offerings accurately.


Similar to color, typography is another logo element that can convey very tangible feelings and associations. Something to consider when starting your logo from scratch is not only how big a role typography will play in your design, but also what it looks like. Your design team can help narrow down some among thousands of typography options to find ones that coincide with an appropriate look for your brand.


Logo placement can and should happen across a variety of mediums, and its format may change depending on where it lands. However, when you’ve got no ideas for your logo on the front end, it can help to think about where you (and everyone else) will be looking at it every day. For example—will you have logo-based signage on your storefront? Will your staff wear uniforms that display the logo? How will it look with the website you’ve envisioned?

What others in your industry are doing

It never hurts to check out the competition. If you need some logo inspiration, take a look at what others in your industry are doing on the logo front. Not to say you should rip off someone’s design—definitely don’t do that. But seeing what direction your peers have gone may help spark some ideas (or conversely, give you an idea of what you DON’T want).

The vibe you are going for

Laid back? Corporate? Somewhere in between? Think about the overall vibe you’d like to convey with your logo—and ultimately, with your brand. That can in turn influence decision making on many of the items on this list!


If you don’t have a portfolio filled with logo ideas, that’s OK. Use these things to consider when starting your logo to get going—and then let us handle the rest!

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