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7 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Google My Business Listing

“Hold on, let me Google the address.” Thirty years ago, this may have sounded alien, but now it’s a phrase that largely dictates how we navigate our world. Your Google My Business listing is a consumer’s roadmap (both literally and figuratively) to your business. In other words, it’s today’s Yellow Pages. It’s also important for SEO. Regretfully, many brands neglect this super important connector in their digital marketing strategies. Take it as a sign: next time one of these things happens, it’s time to update your Google My Business listing.

Moved to a new location. 

Relocated your business recently? Great! Don’t forget to update your business address on your Google My Business listing so people can find you.

Business name has changed.

If you’ve rebranded and that included a new business name, update it on your Google business profile. Even if you have not rebranded, do a double check that your existing business name is accurate and/or reflects exactly what you want it to say. For example, do you want to be “McNutt & Partners” or “McNutt & Partners, LLC”?

Hours are not accurate.

A business’ hours of operation are, in addition to location, one of the most commonly-referenced pieces of information on a Google My Business listing. You need to update your Google My Business listing if the hours listed do not reflect the actual days and times you are open.

If this changes seasonally—don’t worry. Updating your hours on Google My Business is quick and easy. You can even add hours for specific services or specials like “senior hours,” “delivery,” “online service hours,” etc.

Web address and/or phone number has changed.

Here’s some more critical contact info on your Google My Business listing: your web address and phone number. If they’ve changed, log in and update them.

Business description needs editing.

Currently, Google My Business gives you 750 characters in which to describe your business on your Google listing. This space gives Googlers a quick idea of what you’re offering. For example, “Chic coffee shop with creative pastry offerings, breakfast sandwiches and outdoor seating.”

If you’ve currently got something on your listing that is inaccurate, or if yours is blank and you need to add a description, it’s time for an update.

Your business has closed.

If your business has closed (especially if it closed on unfavorable or beyond-your-control terms), updating your Google listing may be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s important to do so—especially if the close is only temporary.

You can set your listing to display “temporarily closed” to let people know that you have not closed down for good—and they should check back with you. If your business has permanently closed, using that setting will prevent people from coming to your place of business with expectations that you are open.

You don’t currently have a Google My Business listing.

If you don’t currently have a Google My Business listing, then you don’t have anything to update. But take this as a reminder to create one! It may also be possible that a listing exists for your business, but you do not have ownership of it. Consult Google’s guide for how to request ownership of a Google My Business listing.

There’s more to update—if you want to.

In addition to these signs that you need to update your Google My Business listing, keep in mind that there are many more fields you can fill out on a listing if you want to. These are the most critical for building an effective listing in our opinion, but the more information you can fill out on your profile, the better.


Putting yourself out there in the digital landscape as a business goes hand-in-hand with having an informative and accurate Google My Business listing. Neglecting this critical digital marketing tool could be the difference between customers interacting with your brand or not.

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