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10 Places to Share Your Blog Online

Your brand has started a blog. Great job! Now, how to get the word out? Posting fresh content to your blog on a consistent schedule is great, but posting and crossing your fingers that people find it is not necessarily our recommendation. Instead, we recommend sharing your blog content in a variety of places across the digital landscape to drive traffic to your website and cultivate a blog following. It’s not hard! Consult this list of places to share your blog online to get started.

Facebook post

Easy and straightforward—sharing your blog in a Facebook post should always be part of your blog sharing routine. Write a quick caption introducing the blog, paste the link, and you’re good to go! You can share it on your business’ Facebook page as well as your personal one.

Facebook group

Supplementary to sharing on a regular Facebook post, share your blogs to any Facebook groups you are a part of in which the topic would be relevant. The benefit here is that groups are topic-specific, so you’ve already narrowed down your audience to individuals who would more likely be interested in your blog content.

LinkedIn post

Format this the same way you would a Facebook post when sharing your blog link. Or, if your blog is not too lengthy, you can share the blog copy directly on the LinkedIn post.


Twitter is fast-moving. If you’ve got a blog you want to stay at the top of your profile for a week or so, you can Tweet the blog link and then pin it to the top (this can be done on Facebook and LinkedIn as well).

Instagram story

Links are not clickable in Instagram post copy, but Instagram recently added link sharing in Stories as an option. Since Stories are not subject to Instagram’s content-displaying algorithm, this is a better way to get your blog content seen on the platform.

Pinterest boards

Like Facebook groups, Pinterest is another category-specific platform where you can share content with audiences interested in a particular topic (on Pinterest, these are called Boards). Try pinning the link to your blog to any relevant Pinterest boards.

Email blast

Blast off! Email blasts are another one of the places to share your blog online that we recommend. There are a few options here as well. You can send a monthly email promoting your blog and all the blogs your brand posted that month, if applicable (we do this). Or, you can send out an email blast each time you post a new blog. Trying both and measuring the results can show you which will be most effective for your audience.

Your website

Your blog already lives on your website, but you can also use other areas of your website to promote your blog. For example, if you have a new blog post, you can have a highlight section on your website’s home page that showcases and links to it. As another example, you could have a scroll of recent blogs across the bottom of your home page. All the possibilities!


Does your business send out a regular e-newsletter? Be sure to include a link to your blog! Highlight individual posts, or keep it general with a link to the blog page.

Individual shares

In addition to these places to share your blog online that cast a wider net, feel free to share each blog individually with colleagues, friends and family. Shoot them the link in a text or email and voila!


One last note—keep in mind that you can highlight new postswhen checking off these places to share your blog online, or even reshare past topics that are still relevant!

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