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Trending Now: Link Sharing on Instagram Stories

Take a second to read that title again. If you’re in marketing, it’s music to your ears! Link sharing on Instagram stories is now a thing, and we’re singing the platform’s praises for making it a reality. With Instagram only previously offering one place to link to clickable content on its interface, this is big news.

We’ll tell you why—and how it can help you in your social media marketing efforts.

What’s the story?

The story is, previously only verified pages or those with 10,000 or more followers had the ability to link to pages outside of Instagram in their story content. This was quite limiting for smaller brands/business owners and those still trying to grow their page followings.

Instagram announced Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021 that all users would now have access to the platform’s “Link Sticker” feature. Here’s this, directly from the mouth of Instagram:

“From organizing and educating around equity, social justice and mental well-being to showcasing new product drops to customers, link sharing is helpful in many ways—so now we’re giving access to everyone.”

Why link sharing on Instagram stories is helpful for brands

Prior to Instagram making its Link Sticker feature accessible to the masses, general Instagram users could only place active, clickable links in one place: the Instagram bio section. While this fact helped maintain the integrity of Instagram as an image-based platform, it has always been limiting for marketers wanting to direct their followers to their other digital assets.

Now with the Link Sticker feature, brands can add links to their story content that will be visible (and clickable) for all of their page’s followers. Bottom line: If driving traffic to your website is your goal, Instagram stories is now yet another avenue to do just that.

Types of content to link to in stories

Now to decide where to send people with your newly-granted link sharing on Instagram stories. Here’s a quick list:

  • Brand blog
  • Home page
  • Product pages
  • Contact form
  • Another of your brand’s social accounts
  • PDFs/resources
  • Anywhere else!*

*Note: Content must not violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

How to link

Link sharing on Instagram stories takes a few simple steps.

  • Upload your story content.
  • Select the sticker tool from the top navigation menu.
  • Choose the “link” sticker.
  • Place the sticker where you want it on your story.
  • Add your chosen link and select “done.”

Note: The feature may take time to be available to all users, as with the rollout of any major new feature on social media.


Link sharing on Instagram stories opens up just one more possibility for Instagram users to be able to connect followers with their digital content beyond the platform. We’re looking forward to utilizing this feature on behalf of our clients!

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