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10 Places to Put a QR Code (Where It May Actually Be Helpful)

QR codes. Whether you’ve consciously paid much attention to them or not, you’ve seen them everywhere. These black-and-white squares can be useful tools to incorporate into your marketing strategy, but only when done so with thought and intention. In other words, don’t just stick them everywhere without thinking about why you’re doing it. There are some places to put a QR code that make more sense than others.

Making QR codes accessible

As a quick reminder, QR codes exist to provide easy access to web links. Rather than having to type in an entire (sometimes complex) web address, a person can simply scan a QR code using their smartphone and be on the website in an instant.

That being said, when it comes to places to put a QR code, you want to make sure the placement is accessible. A roadside billboard? Likely not the best option to encourage someone to scan a code while driving. On the exterior-facing glass of your storefront at eye-level? Much better.

Places to place QR codes

If you’re thinking of using QR codes in your marketing efforts, here are a few ideas for placement where they may actually be useful.

Point of sale

Displaying a QR code at the point of sale (i.e. somewhere on your checkout counter) is a great idea for directing customers to your review sites or encouraging them to follow you on social media, for example. This placement is easily accessible and captures an audience that already decided to make a purchase, so they are likely interested in following up with your brand.


Taking it a step back, maybe you want to give people the chance to learn more about your brand before they even decide to make a purchase. A QR code on your front door or front window glass at street level is a great way to do this. That is also something that can be accessed even when you are closed.

In-store/office displays

Have a pop-up banner or tabletop display? Consider including a QR code so your customers/clients can get more information about a product while they are there!

Direct mail

Seeing a web address listed on an advertisement in the mail is one thing. Giving recipients a QR code to scan makes it that much easier for them to take a trip to your website to learn more about your products or services.


Have a booth at a trade show or downtown event? Take-aways like flyers or infocards are a great place to add a QR code.


Again, solely placing your website URL on the outside of your packaging is not as effective as giving consumers a QR code to scan for direct access to your site. That’s because the URL alone requires them to take the extra step of entering it into their browser.

Shopping bags

Similar to packaging, QR codes on shopping bags can incentivize people to connect with your brand even after you have left the place of business.


A receipt is also something people will take with them after a transaction has taken place. QR codes on receipts can link to special offers/discounts, for example, to encourage people to do business with you again.

Wayfinding/informational signage

This idea takes the less salesy, more quality-providing approach in terms of places to put a QR code. QR codes can be great on wayfinding, informational and/or educational signage in places like public parks, trails, museums, zoos and more.

Business cards

Bring your business card into the modern world by adorning it with a QR code! The code could link to your LinkedIn page (or other social media), personal website or brand website.


When placed effectively, QR codes can be successful tools for driving traffic to your online presence, giving people easier access to connect with your brand.

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