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Why Your Facebook Page Shouldn’t Serve as Your Main Website

Ever Googled a business looking for its website, and all that pops up is a Facebook page? Sometimes when establishing a digital presence, business owners may simply create a Facebook page and call it a day. However, we’re here to tell you why that isn’t the best recommended course of action. Your Facebook page shouldn’t serve as your main website, and here are a few reasons why.

Your website is your home base.

In the wide world of the internet, think about your business’ main website as your home base. It’s where people can check in with you, learn about you, and possibly even do business with you. As this central hub of information about your brand, your main website is where you should be directing potential customers. Rather than serving as your website, your Facebook page, (along with a handful of other platforms), should instead be a means of directing people toward it.

Your Facebook page should link to a website.

Segueing right from that last statement, your Facebook page shouldn’t serve as your main website because your Facebook page provides you a spot to link to a main website. The fact that it’s there, and there is a spot for it, is indicator enough that Facebook was not intended to function as a brand’s sole web presence.

Having a website is fundamental to SEO.

Search. Engine. Optimization. It’s what having a digital presence is all about! Think of your main website as the foundation of your SEO efforts. Driving traffic to it can help you become more prominent in search engine rankings. Having keyword-specific content on your website pages can help you become more prominent in search engine rankings. And linking both internally within your website and externally from your website to others can help you become more prominent in search engine rankings. Plus, people can link to you as well. All good things!

Your website functions in ways your Facebook page does not.  

When building a custom website for your brand, the possibilities are endless. You can display and convey an endless amount of content in a multitude of ways—both logistically and stylistically. You can also establish a site structure that is both conducive to the user experience and to SEO. In other words, you are not limited to Facebook’s way of doing things.

Not everyone has Facebook.

If you’re using your Facebook page as your main website, keep in mind that it may not be accessible to people who do not use Facebook. An actual website, however, should be accessible to anyone using a web browser.

You’re not bound by Facebook.

If Facebook goes down (as it has been known to do), and you’re using your page as your main website, then you’re out of luck until Facebook is back up again. If Facebook goes down and you have a website independent from the platform, then you are not completely out of commission.

It’s more professional.

Going back to where we started—when you search for a business, does part of you feel like things are a bit lacking when you can’t find a website associated with said business? We do! Having an actual website helps you to appear more professional in the eyes of those looking to business with you.


There is no question about it—if you’re a brand, you need a website, and no, your Facebook page doesn’t count! This also goes for any social media platform. Maintaining a website as your home base on the internet is a critical part of having a solid brand presence that will attract and sustain followers.

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