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The Case for Offering Online Payments for Your Business

As a business owner, your goal is to present a product or service to the world that makes your customers’ lives easier. Taking that a step further, the way you allow your customers to procure the products or services you are selling can also be an extension of that goal. We’re talking about digital payment options! At McNutt & Partners, we feel the case for offering online payments for your business is a strong one (and not just because we offer it as a service)! Here are a few reasons why.

Customers can pay from anywhere.

“Remote” is a word that we’ve heard more than ever over the past couple of years. And there’s a reason! The ability to do things remotely more often than not makes it easier for all parties involved. Allowing your customers to make payments digitally means they can do so from anywhere in the world—including from the comfort of their own homes.

You’re open 24/7.

Digital payments not only mean “from anywhere,” but also “at any time.” If you offer online payments for your business, you are essentially never closed. That’s because you’re not limited by store or business hours as to when sales transactions can take place.

Customers will appreciate the convenience.

Speaking of making customers’ lives easier, offering them the ability to do business with you remotely will do just that! The option to interact with businesses in this manner has nearly become an expectation in today’s world. Extending your clientele the convenience and efficiency of remote payments is just another way of enhancing the quality of your customer experience.

It’s easy to track.

When processing payments digitally, you automatically have all transaction records saved. Tracking and keeping record of payment times, dates, order statuses and more is made easy when the computer does it for you.

It gives you an opportunity to collect customer contacts.

Similarly, offering online payments for your business means being able to collect customer data. Many online payment options give customers the option to “opt-in” to receive more communications from your business, which helps you build a list of contacts.

Security measures are in place.

Security is made a priority when processing payments online. For example, at McNutt & Partners, our payment partner is held to the highest standards of data security and uses the latest in tokenization and anti-fraud technologies to keep fraudulent payments to a minimum. This ensures your customer’s credit card information is fully protected both in transit and at rest.

It can lead to more sales.

The ease of the online payment process can very well lead to more sales for your business. That’s because people are more inclined to do what’s just a simple click (or few clicks) away. For example, if someone has to go to get in the car and spend time and gas money to purchase a lamp from a store, they may opt to pass on said lamp. But if they can buy the lamp without having to leave where they are, they will likely be more inclined to make the purchase

Experience a faster revenue cycle.

Processing payments remotely can mean you get paid faster. Businesses receive funds earlier than with paper checks due to all of the above factors. Sounds like a win-win!


Did you know? Among everything our full-service advertising agency offers, we also offer digital payment processing. We can help your brand capture all of these benefits (and more) of offering online payments for your business. Reach out to us today!

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