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McNutt & Partners’ Social Media Wish List

No, it’s not Christmas—but we’re making our wish list early! If we could rule the social media realm, these factors would already be at play. Maybe by putting this out into the world someone will hear our concerns? Hey, it’s worth a shot! Tune in for McNutt & Partners’ Social Media Wish List.

How we approached the list

At first we thought about really cool things—like what if a social media ad could interact with other senses, like smell? In the end we decided we’d make this list a bit more practical. What are some things that would help us as marketers—and in turn, help our clients? Here are a few things we’ve come up with.

McNutt & Partners’ Social Media Wish List

Twitter “business hub”

Right now, Twitter makes it difficult for marketers to manage multiple accounts on behalf of their clients. In fact, it’s almost set up in such a way to make doing so difficult. Creating too many accounts from one IP address gets you flagged and locked out of all accounts from that IP address. Also, too many log-ins raises cause for concern on Twitter’s end as well. If Twitter had something like Facebook’s Business Manager to help agencies manage client Twitter accounts, we think it could be immensely helpful.

Ability to edit ads after they are running

Sometimes you need to make a change to a social media ad after it has already starting running. Currently when a Facebook or Instagram ad is running, you cannot make edits to the ad unless you stop the ad entirely, edit, and restart it. That doesn’t sound like a big thing, but in doing so you lose any previous engagement or tracked data the ad has collected so far. We’d love the ability to edit an ad after it is running!

A more-accurate, more human decision-making process around the approval and disapproval of Facebook ads

Sometimes, Facebook flags an ad as “violating its policies” for no apparent reason at all. In fact, this happened to us recently. When we appealed the ad to a human being working at Facebook, we were told that it was a glitch in the system. Frustrating, to say the least.

More interactive ad options

Maybe this wouldn’t necessarily have to do with ads that elicit smell, but we think there’s always room to continue innovating! Facebook did roll out some new interactive ad options last October. McNutt & Partners’ Social Media Wish List includes more ideas like this!

Easier for agencies to manage multiple Instagram accounts

Instagram can also be finicky about having one device, (or one IP address), access multiple of its accounts, (which is what we do as marketers on behalf of our clients). And since Instagram accounts can only be managed via a smart phone or tablet, this becomes an issue at times. Like Twitter, we wish there was a better way for Instagram to allow marketers to manage multiple accounts.

Instagram links

Speaking of Instagram, links in Instagram captions are currently a no-no. In fact, if you put a link in an Instagram caption, it won’t link anywhere. Instead, if we’re trying to share a link, we put cues like “Link in bio.” As part of McNutt & Partners’ social media wish list, let’s link up on Instagram!

More than four images on Twitter

Twitter’s largely a text-based platform; hence we are guessing that’s why it restricts users to posting four images at a time. But we say if you’re going to allow images at all, why the restriction? We’d be happy to be able to post more than four images at a time on Twitter.

Universal image size

And speaking of images, different social media platforms prefer different image/video sizes. One could argue that this is what makes them unique, but maybe life would be easier if they all agreed on one universal size. That way, your content would always look great without needing to reformat it—no matter what platform you’re posting to!


Some items on McNutt & Partners’ social media wish list may be more realistic than others, but we can dream! As always, we’re here to help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of social media so that you can use it to the best of your brand’s advantage.

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