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A Quick List of Holiday Marketing Ideas for 2020

Yes, everything has changed in 2020—from the way we interact (or don’t interact) in public, to the way we shop, dine, travel—and pretty much do everything else. But the holidays are still the holidays! Take comfort in the holiday season as a constant in our lives—a time to reflect on the highlights of the year and look forward to what’s next. As you ramp up for the holidays and wind down for the year, we’ve put together a few marketing ideas that are just “oh-so-2020.” See if you can incorporate any of these holiday marketing ideas for 2020 into your next few weeks!

Gift branded items for the times.

Putting your logo on little takeaway items at events and as gifts with purchases is not a new concept. However, think about new items to brand for 2020: face masks, door pulls and mini hand sanitizer, to name a few.

Create a virtual holiday card.

You’ve seen those “yearly update” holiday cards, where people hit the highlights of what happened in their families or businesses over the past year. Instead of or in addition to mailing physical cards, consider doing a virtual year in review instead. Record a short video talking about some of the highlights your brand experienced in 2020. If highlights are few and far between, try mentioning a few things you are grateful for instead—including your loyal customers! You can post the video to your social accounts and/or send out in an email blast.

Provide online shopping options.

At this point, it may be a stretch to up and transition to a fully-functional e-commerce site before the end of the year. But there are other ways to provide online shopping options for the holidays. Social commerce, for example, allows you to sell products and services to consumers directly on social networks themselves. It may be something to play around with, as consumers are more inclined this year than ever to skip the in-store shopping and buy online.

If possible, play Santa.

Along the lines of shoppers not wanting to leave their homes, this one among our holiday marketing ideas for 2020 may only be possible for certain types of businesses. We’ve seen businesses in our local area offer to hand-deliver items purchased from their stores to homes nearby. It’s a personalized way to help those who may be hesitant or unable to come shop in-person.

Show what you are doing to play your part.

Providing sanitizing options for both customers and employees is now a standard that businesses are expected to meet. Use this fact to your advantage in your marketing strategy. Products like Sanitation Station allow you to display your branding while providing sanitizing materials to patrons—a win-win for everyone!

Offer loyal customers something to look forward to.

Having something to look forward to is the spice of life! As 2020 turns into 2021, give customers something they can be excited about in the new year—like a special offer or discount during the month of January, an upcoming exclusive shopping event on the calendar, or even something they can use when we are back to business as usual.  (For example: “Shop online now, get in-store savings later.”)


Use these holiday marketing ideas for 2020 as a springboard for successful outcomes over these next few weeks. With all the changes 2020 has brought to our world, all we can do is make the most of them and move forward! Wishing you a very happy holiday season.

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