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A Few of Our Favorite Fall Marketing Trends

There’s no denying it. People. Love. Fall. That’s why the second the calendar flips from August to September, we’re all but pulling out our fuzzy turtlenecks and cozying up to a pumpkin spice-flavored candle. It’s us. We’re “people.” We love fall! And here are a few of our favorite fall marketing trends.

Flavors and scents

It seems like every year, Starbucks releases its pumpkin spice latte earlier and earlier in the season—and that’s because people can’t get enough of it! From pumpkin spice, to salted caramel, to cinnamon, to chai—we see fall flavors popping up on restaurant menus faster than those colorful leaves drop.

And don’t forget the scents. Autumn vibes abound in places like Bath and Body Works, for example, as their fall candles like “Mahogany Teakwood” and “Sweater Weather” have us craving a cozy night in.

An autumnal color palette

Taking a journey across our sensory landscape, let’s discuss colors among our favorite fall marketing trends. Burnt orange. Forest green. Maroon. Now you’re talking our language! We love the opportunity to dress our clients’ fall ads up in these seasonal hues.

Pumpkins…pumpkins everywhere.

Read that in an excited tone, not a fearful one. You can’t usher in autumn without at least one pumpkin…or a dozen. From smiling jack-o-lantern social posts to stunning gourd-themed layouts, pumpkins are the star of the show when it comes to our favorite fall marketing trends.

Spooky stuff.

For a few weeks in the fall, there’s a subset of seasonal themes that happens, and it has to do with all things spooky. Designing Halloween-themed marketing campaigns gives us the liberty to get creative with ghosts, vampires, skeletons, candy corn and more—and what could be better than that?

All about the outdoors.

Depending on your locale, fall is either a full-blown season weather-wise, or it’s just an extension of summer with a few cool mornings and evenings sprinkled here and there. Here in the South, it’s very much the latter, but hey—that doesn’t mean we’re confining ourselves to the air conditioning!

When it comes to seasonal marketing material, outdoor activities like camping, tailgating, sports events and fall festivals are all fair game.

Support for small businesses.

Perhaps our favorite of our favorite fall marketing trends as a small business ourselves, Small Business Saturday happens in November. However, we don’t think encouraging support for small businesses should be confined to just one day. Since fall transitions into the season of giving, we love the idea of making “shop local” our marketing mantra all autumn long.

In a “nutt” shell

We hope that us sharing our favorite fall marketing trends not only has you amped up for the season, but also that it inspires your upcoming seasonal content! Too busy running your business to craft a marketing campaign this fall? That’s where we can help!

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