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7 Fresh Social Content Ideas for Spring

It’s time. Time to open up the windows, dust off the shelves and smell the (figurative or real) flowers. It’s spring! Feeling like your social media content has gone stale over the dark, cold days of winter? There’s nothing like the change of seasons to inspire a refresh. Here are some fresh social content ideas for spring to get the season started on a positive note!

Share what’s new.

The meaning of spring is new beginnings. What’s new at your business? Let your social media followers know what’s been going on. Maybe you’ve opened a new outdoor dining area. Or you’re offering some seasonal deals. Maybe you’ve got some awesome new products or services. Nothing says fresh like new updates!

Promote adjusted hours.

Springing forward means more hours of daylight. Depending on the type of business you have, that may mean you offer longer hours to your customers in the spring and summer months. Use social media posts to remind people of your adjusted hours and invite them to take advantage!

Spring into a seasonal photo session.

Bare trees and yellow grass, meet your match. Get some updated photos in and around your business that feature some of spring’s natural beauty at its finest. Hire a professional to come out for a shoot, or simply take your own pics using your smart phone. Then, house a library of photos that you can pull for social posts. Everyone likes seeing pretty photos grace their news feeds.

Introduce new faces.

Speaking of newness, another of our social content ideas for spring is to highlight any new members of your team. A staff spotlight is as easy as snapping a photo and getting your employee to answer a few quick questions. Easy go-to’s are “Where are you from?” “What do you do at _____ (insert name of business here)?” and “Tell us something people may not know about you.” You can do this with longtime employees as well.

Play off of spring holidays.

Holidays are low-hanging fruit in terms of social content ideas. In the spring, your big ones are Easter and Mother’s Day, along with some other favorites like April Fool’s Day, Earth Day and Cinco de Mayo. In addition to social posts on the actual holidays themselves, think of fun promos and themed messaging you could include in posts leading up to them.

Include the more obscure holidays.

“Hashtag holidays” are holidays, too! Since they get specific, you may even find one relevant to your place of business. A few mentionable ones in the spring months are National Puppy Day (March 23), National Beer Day (April 7), National Fitness Day (May 1), National Hamburger Day (May 28)…the list goes on.

Plan seasonal events—and promote them on social.

Spring is time to get outside. Even if you’re not literally hosting an event outdoors, more people in general are becoming active again in the spring—which hopefully means patronizing your place business! Plan a seasonal sale, open house or special shopping hours. Leading up to the event, promote it on social media. You should start promoting at least a month out and have several social posts leading up to the date.


Now that you’ve got some fresh social content ideas for spring, go forth and conquer the season at your digital marketing best! Need help with those efforts? We’ve got you!

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