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5 Reasons McNutt & Partners Is Thankful in 2020

This year has been like a broken record. “This is the worst year ever.” “The year 2020 is a dumpster fire.” “Can we just skip to 2021?” With so much negativity, it may bode well for us to point out some of the benefits that 2020 has brought us (despite the obvious downers). It’s Thanksgiving week, a time when we typically write about reasons to be thankful for this or that. This year, it’s more important than ever to recognize these pluses in our lives! Here are a few reasons McNutt & Partners is thankful in 2020.

Launching products amid the pandemic

The pandemic put a stop to many things. Shaking hands. Gathering in crowds. Even blowing out birthday candles, for some. However, as the world changes and society’s needs evolve, the call for new products to meet those needs has arisen. We’ve been working with clients who have launched products inspired by life in the COVID-era, including Sanitation Station and the SHEMA97 Functional Active Mask—both of which are poised for continued success heading into 2021.

Lucky during lockdown

COVID-19 has not been kind to many in regard to the job market. Our staff is thankful to have been able to continue working. Thank you to our great clients for making this possible!

Reveling in remote work

Remote work has been the name of the game in 2020 heading into 2021. Prior to COVID-19, roughly half of our staff (and sometimes more) operated remotely, with home bases all over the Southeast. We are thankful that our experience with managing remote work allowed us to continue working seamlessly for our clients. We are also thankful that the nature of our work allows us to do it remotely!

Continuing to expand client reach

Another of our reasons why McNutt & Partners is thankful in 2020—we’ve been fortunate enough to continue to extend our client reach geographically. This year, we joined five more Chambers of Commerce—all located in Baldwin County, Alabama, in an effort to extend our services to businesses in need in the Gulf’s coastal region. We can’t wait to continue that trend in 2021.

Getting to see clients grow

When our clients are happy, everyone’s happy! Throughout 2020, we’ve been excited to witness client growth, evidence of which ranges from upticks in web traffic to literal building expansions and acquisitions of new locations. We’re grateful for growth—as it is a sign of a brand trending in a positive direction.


It’s true that we’ve all got a lot to complain about in 2020. But instead of spending time being down about many things out of our control, let’s flip the script. As corny as it may sound to sit around and list why you’re thankful, it’s something we do every year for a reason. McNutt & Partners is thankful in 2020 for this and more—including you! Thank you for reading and for following our blog.

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