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5 Reasons for Leaving Positive Online Reviews

When you have a less-than-desirable experience at a place of business, some of us are easily inclined to run to Google to let our frustrations out in the form of a negative review. Why is it then that when we have a positive experience, we don’t always have that same urgency to let it be known on a business’ review page? There are plenty of reasons for leaving positive online reviews for businesses that are doing things right—and here are a few that come to mind for us.

Helping out your fellow consumers.

Leaving a review for a brand you had a great experience with is doing your due diligence as a consumer. Help out your neighbors, friends and coworkers by spreading the good news about a business. Chances are, if you liked it, they will too.

Driving leads to the business.

Leaving positive online reviews is the gift that keeps on giving. While helping out your fellow humans, you also win by driving leads to the business you’re supporting with your glowing review. Word-of-mouth has always been one of the biggest sources of leads for brands. What’s an online review if not a digital form of word-of-mouth?

Letting a business know what they’re doing right.

Leaving a positive online review also encourages business owners and staff that what they’re doing is working—and appreciated. When working hard day in and day out, a pat on the back like a shining review from a customer can really speak volumes and bolster confidence.

Strengthening a business’ digital presence.

Positive online reviews are a brand’s bread and butter when it comes to search engine optimization. Essentially, the more good reviews a business has online, the higher they tend to rank (especially above other competitors) in web searches for keywords associated with that business. That’s why when leaving positive online reviews, it helps to copy and paste your review to multiple reviewing platforms that place of business is listed on (i.e. Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.)

Earning credibility as a reviewer.

You’ve helped your neighbors. You’ve helped the business. Now here are some perks for you! Leaving online reviews can actually build credibility for yourself as an online reviewer. Some platforms, like Google with its “Local Guides” program, offer rewards and early access to new features for frequent (quality) reviewers.

In a “nutt”shell

We get it. We’re all busy. That’s why going out of your way to leave a review for a business you had a positive encounter with may not always fall at the top of your priority list. However, if you can take a few minutes to write a sentence or two in support of a business you love, we highly encourage it for the reasons we just described and more. We know that personally, nothing makes our day more than hearing or reading encouraging words from our clients, so why not share the love?

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