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10 Things to Share With Your Marketing Team for Great Social Content

Sharing is something we learn from a young age, and that’s because it benefits both parties involved! Here at McNutt & Partners, we love it when our clients share information with us. Doing so allows us to do our jobs better, and since our job is to support our clients, it’s a win-win! So what types of information are we talking about? Here are 10 things to share with your marketing team that make for great social media content.

Changes to your business operations

Social media is a great place to inform your clientele of business updates such as changes to your hours of operation or days of the week, holiday closures, updates to your contact information and more.

Employee updates

Word of advice for using social media for business: talk about your staff! People love to see their smiling faces. New hires, promotions, life events (birthdays, engagements, babies)—even longtime staff members leaving are all updates we love to receive from our clients so we can share it on their business social media accounts.

Business milestones and anniversaries

From your 25th anniversary to a one-year shout-out, we want to know it all! Don’t discount business milestones and anniversaries when it comes to things to share with your marketing team.

Mergers, acquisitions or new locations

Is your business opening in new locations? Please let us know! This is something your social media followers will want to know about and that can generate great engagement.

Expansions to your service area

Similarly, if you’re a service-based business, and you’re going to start serving new geographical areas soon, pass that info along to your marketing team.

Updates to products and services you provide

Launching a new product or offering a new service? Sold out of a product or halting a service temporarily? Posting this information to your brand’s social media pages is a great way to communicate that to your customers.

Upcoming events hosted or sponsored by your business

Let’s party! If your business is hosting or sponsoring anything—like a business after hours, blood drive, open house, sip n’ shop (the list goes on), social media is the place to promote it, and your marketing team can do that for you!

Sales or special offers

Everyone loves a sale! Shout it out from the rooftops on your social media. Or let your marketing team do it when you pass that info along to them.

Customer testimonials

Did a customer leave you a review in the form of a handwritten note or even a verbal compliment? While we can see reviews left on your digital assets like Facebook and Google, those in-person accolades would be among the things to share with your marketing team.

Community involvement

Service to your community should not go unnoted as a business. If your business is out volunteering, has made a charitable contribution or even is just attending a community event together, your marketing team will want to share it on your social pages.

In a “nutt” shell

As your marketing team, we love to brainstorm and come up with great content ideas for our clients. But some information (aka, great social media content) we have no way of knowing about unless our clients tell us!

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