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Why We’re Thankful for Life in Auburn, Alabama

Welcome to Thanksgiving week! In anticipation of the holiday and all that surrounds it, you may be experiencing a slew of emotions. Hunger for a plate filled with turkey, cranberry sauce and broccoli-cheese casserole. Elation for days off of work and school. Excitement for late-night Black Friday shopping. Dread for seeing those relatives who—well, you know the ones. Another feeling that we should all be expressing now, if not year round, is gratitude for the good things in our lives. Though at McNutt & Partners our clients and employees are pretty spread out geographically, our home base is Auburn, Alabama. With this city as our central hub, here are a few reasons why we’re thankful for life in Auburn, Alabama.

  • Connectivity. Though Auburn itself may not be a bustling metropolitan mecca (and those of us who live here are glad it’s not), we’re close to a few major urban environments. Atlanta is less than two hours by car (and the airport is even closer), Birmingham is a two-hour drive, and our state’s capital, Montgomery, is a quick hour down Interstate 85. Auburn is also within arm’s reach of Columbus, Georgia, the Gulf Coast—and destinations like Savannah and Charleston on the east coast are within a day’s doable driving distance.
  • City scale. Sitting in traffic for an hour to get to work? No thanks! It’s one of the perks of living and working here in Auburn. We enjoy the amenities and resources of a big city without having to deal with many big city headaches. (We know, game day traffic is another story, but it’s worth it!)
  • A thriving business climate. We would know—we’re lucky to be part of it! When doing business in Auburn, you’re never alone, as the support of other entrepreneurs, local enterprises and our chambers of commerce is tangible. And it’s a business community that continues to grow.
  • Continued investment into the area. A fitting segue from above, we’re thankful for life in Auburn, Alabama, also due to the ongoing attention the area receives from others looking to invest in the community. It’s evidenced by construction going on in all corners of the town and Auburn University campus, which will ultimately paint Auburn as a worthy candidate for further advancement.
  • A research community. Research is a driving force here in Auburn, and we’re lucky to be surrounded by it on a daily basis at our location in the Auburn Research Park. From initiatives to turn garbage into energy to leading global security corporations that continue to innovate, there’s an abundance of research activity going on under our roof—not to mention at Auburn University.
  • Auburn University. It’s really what makes all of the above possible. Founded in 1856 as the East Alabama Male College, the award-winning Auburn University now enrolls nearly 30,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students representing 140 majors among 15 colleges. It also employs more than 5,000 full-time employees, making it the largest employer in the Auburn-Opelika Metropolitan area. Not to mention, we love our Auburn Tigers sports teams, who, on a good day, lead us downtown to Toomer’s Corner with rolls of toilet paper in hand.
  • Local tradition. Toilet paper–cue traditions! Not every community is fortunate enough to be rooted in tradition as deeply as Auburn, and we mean roots in a literal sense. Rolling the Toomer’s Oaks after a Tigers victory never gets old for us. Neither does Toomer’s lemonade, the flying of the eagles at home games, tailgating on Samford lawn—the list goes on.
  • The Auburn Family. Yes, it’s a real thing. You’ve seen those commercials where someone is on an African safari and sees another person wearing an Auburn ball cap, and they exchange a “Hey, War Eagle!” It’s the idea that no matter where you are in the world, you have an understanding with a fellow member of the Auburn Family—and family always has your back.

In addition to being thankful for where we live, work and play, we’re also thankful for the wonderful people and businesses we have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis. Happy Thanksgiving!

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