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Using Print Materials to Promote Your Digital Assets

Flipping through a catalog for back-to-school clothes or checking the newspaper for the grocery store’s weekly specials are not only antiquated practices for many of us, but completely foreign for others. However, though digital marketing has become today’s standard, it does not mean that traditional forms of marketing do not still deserve a place in the spotlight. The fact is, through integrated marketing campaigns, multiple forms of media exist to support one another—such as using print materials to promote your digital assets.

The promise of print

As digital has surged, ironically print has seen a resurgence—perhaps as somewhat of a “rebellion” to the digital obsession. In 2017, 134 new print magazines with at least quarterly outputs launched, according to The Association of Magazine Media. In addition, in 2017 the print marketing response rate increased by 190%, with 43% more customers responding to direct mail than the previous year, Digital Doughnut reports.

On top of being a push back against digital, the strength behind print is also that print technology is now the best it has ever been. The caliber of print designs and materials poise print products as  high-quality. Besides that, there’s just something about holding a tangible print product that digital may never be able to replace. Just ask the people who still read their daily papers.

Why using print materials to promote your digital assets is a good idea

Most people are spending their time online—but that does not mean everyone is spending his or her time online, and it does not mean those who are online are living in digital realm 100% of the time. Advertising via non-digital means like print serves to capture the eyeballs of potential consumers when they are away from their screens.

Think about it this way: with money, you’re told to diversify your assets. The same is true for marketing. The more varied ways you are promoting your brand to the world, the better the chance you’ll capture the attention of a diverse and plentiful market of consumers.

All of that being said, digital marketing is still the most cost-effective way to broadcast your messages to the largest audience. For that reason, your print marketing should be supporting your digital initiatives at all times.

What types of print materials should I use?

The types of print materials you should use to support your digital assets will depend on your budget, preference and what means are available to you. Ideas include brochures, business cards, outdoor signage, direct mail, fliers and magazine/newspaper advertisements.

How to use print materials to promote your digital assets


There are very few instances in which your website should not be included on your print materials. Your website is your home base for your digital content, so it should come as a standard part of your contact info on your print media in an effort to drive traffic to it.

Social media

Consumers like to know on which social media platforms your brand is active. Even if you do not list out the entire web address linking to your pages, you can include icons for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as indicators for where your followers can find you online.


Not everyone wants to pick up the phone and call—especially these days. Give them another means of reaching out to you by providing your email on your print materials. You can also use print to solicit sign-ups for your mailing list. Place a sign-up sheet at your POS or trade show table, for example.


The content itself of your print material can be used to drive people to interact with your brand digitally. The copy/graphics on your print materials could be advertising an online service. Or, they could be teasing to a further explanation of something that exists on your website, for example.


This is really just a more specific example of content. Using print materials to promote incentives that drive people to your digital assets is another helpful use for the medium. Think about having a filer or piece of direct mail offer a code for people to get a discount on your site. Or, you could use print marketing to offer an incentive for people signing up for your email list (20% off an order for signing up, for example).

Augmented reality

Augmented reality technology takes print materials and brings them to life via a smart phone or tablet. Thus, augmented reality makes a direct connection between traditional marketing mediums and digital ones. Read more about augmented reality.

Using print materials to promote your digital assets can exponentially help drive traffic to your brand presence online when done correctly. Need help? McNutt & Partners is a full-service advertising and digital marketing agency. Contact us today for your marketing needs! Call 334-521-1010, or visit our contact page.

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