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Stay Connected: Using Social Media While Social Distancing

Things are weird right now. Grocery store shelves are empty and exposed, sports exist only in replays, and significant life events—from weddings to graduations—are being put on hold. A global pandemic restricts our ability to safely interact with one another face-to-face. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t stay social. In fact—we must—in order to maintain our sanity. Using social media while social distancing can benefit you by not only keeping you in the loop, but by keeping you connected to your fellow human beings.

Social media is our lifeline

Though typically there is the camp that shuns social media as a degradation of face-to-face human interaction, in times of viral quarantine, it’s exactly what society needs. From ecommerce to a way to have a simple conversation with a friend, communicating virtually very fortunately gives us the opportunity to practice social distancing without giving up social interaction entirely.

In terms of our clients, this is especially true now that many have altered their hours and services out of caution for the spread of COVID-19. It is critical that businesses still have a way to communicate with their customers. It is also critical that businesses still continue to operate in whatever capacity possible, whether it’s offering online purchases and payments or providing services remotely for the time being.

Ways to use social media while social distancing


  • Set up an ecommerce site, or sell online via Facebook marketplace. Thanks to the internet, business doesn’t have to halt when brick-and-mortar stores are shut down.
  • Host virtual meetings with clients and colleagues. It’s not as great as face-to-face, but it works!
  • Communicate with your clientele. Let them know how you’re adjusting your business model in the wake of social distancing and how they can still access your services. Do this via social media, email blasts and your website.
  • Offer ways to improve quality of life during the quarantine. For example, we’ve seen gyms that are live streaming group classes. We’ve seen musicians offering virtual concerts. Anything that serves to help or entertain will likely be appreciated.


  • Join community groups. It helps to feel connected to others in your local area. Most cities and geographic areas have existing community groups on social platforms like Facebook for this purpose. If you can’t find one relevant to where you live, start your own!
  • Stay informed. The news can feel pretty depressing in the current climate, but it’s important to know what’s going on. Social media is a great source for the latest information.
  • Start a group message with friends and family. Having friends and family at your fingertips via social media eases the isolation of social distancing. Talk about everyday life and how you’re feeling—it helps to know others are right there with you.
  • Post something cheerful. Use social media while social distancing to spread some cheer in a time of uncertainty. An uplifting quote, a funny pet photo, or even just a smile can do wonders.


During this time of physical social isolation, we encourage you to stay connected. Using social media while social distancing is an ideal way to do just that.

Times are stressful and uncertain, but we’re here to help. Social media, ecommerce—anything you need to get through this, we’ve got you!

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