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Merry Christmas from McNutt & Partners: Our Favorite Things About the Holiday Season

The main event of the holiday season is here—merry Christmas from McNutt & Partners! However you spend your holiday season—whether it is celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or anything else—most of us will agree that at the foundation of the holidays lives tradition. As humans, we embrace tradition because it is comforting, consistent and reliable—activities that you can count on no matter what. Tradition is also typically tied in with family and togetherness—another concept that the holiday season is based upon. As we celebrate Christmas Day, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite things about the holiday season, as a shared tradition is sometimes just as moving as your own.

We asked our staff members to share a Christmas memory, or tell us their favorite things about the holiday season:

My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree. Growing up, we had homemade ornaments that we all made as children, ornaments my grandmother made and some from places we had traveled. It was always a trip down memory lane. As we’d decorate, we’d talk about the great memories attached to them. My husband Andrew and I now do the same thing. We get an ornament to represent every major trip we go on, as well as to document significant life events (i.e., our first Christmas as a married couple, our son Ezra’s first Christmas this year, etc.). –Abra Camp

My favorite part of Christmas is watching my daughter get excited about whose birthday it is—not to mention seeing her eyes open wide when she sees all that Santa brings her! –Mollie Parker

My favorite Christmas moment would be my daughter Murphy’s first Christmas that we spent with my grandfather, Remanyi Parker. It was the last Christmas we had with him. It was very special to be around him with another generation of Parker’s. –Sean Parker

Christmas is one of the rare times when I can leave work and other concerns fully behind, take the time to relax, and see family and friends who I only see once or twice each year. Getting and giving gifts is nice, but takes a far distant second to spending time with the important people in my life. I also enjoy the uniquely Texas (regardless of the other states who have copied the trend) tradition of getting hot, fresh tamales on Christmas Eve, whether homemade or from the excellent local taquerias – I make a mean salsa verde to go with them. –James Joyce

My favorite thing about Christmas has almost always been the Christmas tree. I actually have this vivid memory from my childhood. It was the second night after my family had set up and decorated our first ever live Christmas tree. I remember walking from my room into the living room around midnight for a drink of water. I stopped dead in my tracks to marvel at our tree, suddenly aware of its bright, colorful lights and mismatched ornaments that my mom and I have collected over the years. I was awash with the most peaceful feeling. Looking at Christmas trees always just makes me feel calm, like everything is right in the world. It’s like this little bubble of beauty and tranquility. –Lyra Galle


The aspect of Christmas that I enjoy most is that for those of us who are fortunate enough to do so, it is a time to take a pause from our regular routines. I realize this is not the case for everyone—flash back to years of working holidays as a newspaper reporter, but even those work days had a serenity about them. After all of the chaos of Christmas shopping, family gatherings and working hard to be able to take time off, when Christmas Day comes, the tranquility that seems to blanket the world makes it all worth it. –Katherine Haas

My favorite holiday tradition is going to eat Chinese food on Christmas Day with everyone else who hates ham, stuffing and egg nog. –Nicholas Smith

My favorite thing about the holiday season is having a brief pause to get together with family and friends and catch up on the year’s events with everyone—and the food. –John McNutt


Again, we’d like to wish you a merry Christmas from McNutt & Partners! We hope your holiday season is one to remember.

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